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Rap-Rock band Limp Bizkit is planning to tour North America for the first time in almost 10 years. The group had a mercurial rise to fame in the late 1990s as part of the anti-boy band movement and now returns to the stage with Limp Bizkit tickets for a promotional tour for the new album Gold Cobra. Ice Cube and Method Man and Redman are performing as supporting acts throughout the tour.

Gold Cobra is the first album released by the better categorized nu-metal group. Limp Bizkit unofficially ended its time together in 2005 after the release of a greatest hits compilation album, but confirmed a reunion in 2009. Now, in 2010, Limp Bizkit is back to releasing albums and selling concert tickets for an extensive tour of North America. The album is scheduled to be released during the summer as well.

The hard-rocking band Limp Bizkit has managed to piss off just about everyone on their road to stardom and the top of the music ladder. Off all marquee bands currently "ruling" the musical world, perhaps none challenge the traditional path more than the headline-grabbing band. From a chaotic live show to explicit lyrics to well-placed controversial comments in the press, Limp Bizkit have created a unique brand of music that has touched a nerve with the mainstream and attracted groups of young fans in the process. Limp Bizkit was formed in Florida in 1994 by vocalist Fred Durst and his friend Sam Rivers on bass. Rivers' cousin John Otto soon joined on drums, and guitarist Wes Borland completed the original foursome (later supplemented by DJ Lethal). Thanks mostly to word-of-mouth publicity, the band was chosen to tour with House of Pain and the Deftones. The label contracts came pouring in, and after signing with Flip/Interscope, Limp Bizkit released their debut album Three Dollar Bill Y'All. By mid-1998, Limp Bizkit had become one of the more hyped bands in underground rapcore, helped as well by more touring action, this time with Faith No More and later Primus, as well as an appearance on MTV's Spring Break '98 fashion show. The biggest break, however, was a spot on that summer's Family Values Tour, which greatly raised the group's contour. Limp Bizkit's second album, Significant Other, was released in June 1999. It and the additional video for "Nookie" made the group superstars. Significant Other debuted at number one and had sold over four million copies by year's end, also helping push Three Dollar Bill Y'All past the platinum mark.

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Fred Durst, for the moment, was tapped for a position as a senior vice president at Interscope Records in early July. However, in the midst of this massive success, controversy dogged the band following that summer's performance at Woodstock '99. In the wake of the riots and sexual assaults that proved to be the festival's unfortunate legacy, Durst was heavily criticized for egging on the already rowdy crowd and stirring them to "break stuff." Not only was at least one mosh-pit rape reported during the group's set, but the resulting chaos forced festival organizers to pull the plug in the middle of their show. Even though Limp Bizkit's performance took place the day before the infamous festival-closing riots, the band was raked over the coals in the media, who blamed them for touching off the spark that inflamed a potentially unstable atmosphere. Unconcerned, Limp Bizkit headlined that year's Family Values Tour, with the newly notorious Durst grabbing headlines for interrupted clashes with Bizkit's tourmates. During the Napster flap of 2000, Durst became one of the most outspoken activists of online music trading; that summer, Limp Bizkit embarked on a free, Napster-sponsored tour. All of this set the stage for the October release of the band's third album, Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water.
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