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Downs' musical journey commenced in the real sense after she met Paul Cohen, a deported saxophonist. He became her mentor and eventually married her. This was an auspicious union as Downs' career graph rose steadily afterwards. They started making compositions collaboratively and their joint efforts have lead to some marvelous compositions: La Sanduga (1999), Tree of Life (2000), Border (La Linea) (2001), Una Sangre (One Blood) (2004) and La Cantina (2006). Downs also lent her vocals to the theme song 'Burn it Blue' for the movie Frida apart from some other soundtracks. This song got nomination for the Academy Award for Best Song. She performed this song at the 75th Academy Awards. 'Burn it Blue' has brought her accolades from the world over and firmly established her as an accomplished singer. Over the last few years, Lila Downs and her husband have toured extensively in Mexico, South America, the US and Europe. She is an ambassador of Latin American or more specifically Mexican music and draws inspiration from native Mesoamerican music.

Lila downs is a unique persona with a voice that sort of summarizes the sorrows and pain of humanity. But she is equally adept at rendering catchy songs capable of enlivening the audience. Her exotic looks and Indian clothes only add up to her charisma. You just can't afford to miss the concert of this unusual singer. Book your tickets with the online vendor now!
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Feb 23 Fri 8:00 PM Lila Downs Playstation Theater
New York, NY
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Mar 6 Tue 7:30 PM Lila Downs Ordway Center For Performing Arts
Saint Paul, MN
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Lila Downs' instant claim to fame was the theme song 'Burn it Blue' for the movie 'Frida'. With her soul stirring voice she managed to find way into the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. This singer of mixed parentage has a deeply poignant voice that beautifully compliments her enigmatic persona. At the same time she is capable of rendering vibrant and catchy numbers with similar flair. The wide range and uniqueness of her voice leave the audience mesmerized. There is something in her voice that reaches those remote corners of the heart and stimulates feelings that are hard to be described in words. Her live shows are, therefore, eagerly awaited and tickets suddenly become a rare commodity. It is prudent to contact your online vendor as early as possible if you wish to be a part of the magical experience.

Lila Downs was born on September 19, 1968, in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, Mexico. She was the outcome of the union of Allen Downs, an American Professor of Art and Cinematographer and Anita, a Mixtec woman. Downs spent her life shuttling between Mexico and U.S.A. She grew up enduring a major identity crisis because of her mixed lineage. She had to face racism both in Mexico and U.S.A. She abandoned her wish and pursuit for becoming an opera singer at the age of 16 as she developed aversion for academic atmosphere of the University of Minnesota. Later, she even followed the band Grateful Dead for a while before returning to the mountains in Oaxaca. While learning to weave there she also penned a thesis on Triqui Women's art of weaving. Her real purpose for returning to Oaxaca, however, appears to have been introspection. She joined the University of Minnesota again and graduated in voice and anthropology. But her introspection had not ended yet and she was still dissatisfied. She returned back to Oaxaca and worked at her mother's auto parts shop for some time. But her music was her life and she returned back to it. She penned and vocalized 'Offenda' which describes the pain and sorrow that plague the lives of Mixtec migrant workers.
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