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Lil Wayne has made two huge announcements in 2013. The first is that he suffers from epilepsy. He spoke openly about his neurological condition after being hospitalized after suffering from seizures. The second announcement is that he plans to play an intense tour schedule this summer, bringing Lil Wayne tickets to 40 concert locations over the course of three months this summer.

The tour is officially called the America’s Most Wanted Music Festival and includes T.I. and Future. This tour/festival is the latest of its kind. Artists from every genre have been teaming up to provide concert tickets for mini-festivals. Of course, every festival has its headliner, and Lil Wayne is undoubtedly the man to close down the night for the America’s Most Wanted Music Festival.

Weezy is taking to the road to help promote his latest album, I Am Not A Human Being II. The album is his 10th studio album and should become his third straight to reach number one on the Billboard 200. So far, fans have been able to enjoy three singles from the new album, dating back to last year.

Lil Wayne (Dwayne Carter) is an incredible performer and an unbelievable force in the recording studio. He began his music career at the age of nine, when he signed with Cash Money Records. He did not break out as a solo act immediately. At first was a part of Hot Boys, a Southern hip hop boy band featuring B.G., Turk, and Juvenile.

Eventually Lil Wayne would break away as a solo artist. Those first few albums were quite successful. Tha Block is Hot, Lights Out, and 500 Degreez were all certified by the RIAA and were either number 1 or 2 on the Billboard R&B charts. However, today he is known as a rapper and not as an R&B star. This transition began with Tha Carter. It was the first of six straight number one albums on the rap charts.

Hip hop and rap artists tend to be better known for their singles than their albums and Lil Wayne is no exception. The singles “Go D.J.”, “Lolllipop”, and “Got Money” were the first of his many multi-platinum tracks. It also introduced the world to an artist who could be equally as controversial as transcendent, with gun charges and drug usage landing him in court and in prison.

Still, at some point in time, Lil Wayne became a music star and not just a great rapper or hip hop performer. Suddenly everything he did seemed to carry greater weight. This did not always end well. Rock fans were fine with him until he butchered guitar solos while trying to promote a rock album, Rebirth. He struck back with hit albums I Am Not a Human Being and Tha Carter IV. Lil Wayne is still young artist despite his extensive experience and there will be plenty more albums and tours coming. There will also be plenty more controversies.

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