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Many bands are formed every year; some of them disappear quickly whereas others are able to survive for longer periods and then disbanded. But people hardly ever care to lament over the splits of most of the bands and move on to the music of new bands. Lifetime is, however, one such band that has stood the test of time. The band's exhilarating music was ardently and continually missed by the fans even after it was disbanded in 1997. Fulfilling the wishes of millions of zealous fans, the band members have reunited once again and begun performing together at live shows. Since the fans are dying to watch them perform together once again and listen to their invigorating music live, there is going to be a mad rush for the concert tickets. You better avoid any delay in placing your order with the online ticket vendor.

Lifetime was disbanded but their music continued to linger on in the memories of the fans. Even a gap of almost eight years could not diminish their love for the music that Lifetime had created. Eventually, the unabated enthusiasm and passion of fans brought the band members together once again. They united to perform at three live shows in August 2005. Two of the three shows were performed at Philadelphia (venues: Trocadero Theatre & Starlight Ballroom) and one in New Jersey (Venue: The Stone Pony). Some profits resulting from the shows were given to various charities. California became the venue for the band's three more reunion shows. These shows were performed at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim and at Slims in San Francisco. All the reunion/comeback shows of the band have received stupendous response. Having thus made a roaring comeback, the band made a formal announcement regarding their official reunion on November 17, 2005. The band has also entered into a deal with Decaydance Records. Their first album after reunion shall be out next year.

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Singer Ari Katz and guitarist Dan Yemin founded 'Lifetime' in 1990, in New Jersey. From the very beginning, the band's music was distinguishable from that of their contemporaries because of intensely meaningful lyrics authored by Katz. The band's first album entitled 'Background' was released in 1992, which was well received. After this, band's hit album 'Seven Inches' was issued in 1994. In 1995, the band was consolidated by the addition of three talented members: guitarist Pete Martin, bassist David Palaitis, and drummer Scott Golley. Having gained fresh momentum, the band released its highly successful album 'Hello Bastards' on Jade Tree Records. This album introduced the band's uniquely characteristic style - melody combined with hard rock. Riding high on the success of 'Hello Bastards', the band released a compilation of their 'Seven Inches' releases and other unreleased songs on glue records. Year 1997 saw the release of Lifetime's third album 'Jersey's Best Dancers', again on Jade Tree Records. The album got good response. But after a short tour in support of this album, the band members decided to part ways leaving millions of fans disappointed and heart broken.

Lifetime remained away from the music scene for a long time. But, the band's fan-base kept on swelling steadily by the addition of new and youthful fans. Continued love and support of millions of fans have brought the fans back on stage. The incredibly successful reunion shows of the band are testimony to the fact that the band has grown only better during their hiatus. They are all set to once again electrify and enthrall the audiences with their stunning performances.
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