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Life of Agony is a four piece band of the United States of America. The band which is a hardcore and a hard rock band consists of members such as Alan Robert, Sal Abruscato, Keith Caputo and Joey Z.. Life of Agony has been a very wonderful and great band and have established themselves in the hearts of the people through their music and albums. They have given numerous hit albums. The live concerts of the band are equally famous and a great fun to watch. You can avail for the live concerts of Life of Agony from Online Seats for the front seats and the premium seats for very less price.

It was in the year 1989 when Life of Agony was formed in New York. The band was formed by bassist Alan Robert , singer Keith Caputo, and guitarist Joey Z. Initially the group played wit number of drummers and finally laid their hands on drummer Sal Abruscato of Type O Negative. They soon signed a contract with Roadrunner Records. The first album of the band was released in 1993 and was titled ' River Runs Red '. The album was marked by thirteen songs Friday, Underground, Method of Groove, Through and Through, Bad Seed, The Stain Remains, Words and Music, River Runs Red, Thursday, Respect, This Time, My Eyes and Monday.

The next album after 'River Runs Red' was the album 'Ugly'. The album was an emotional one and had twelve tracks such as How It Would Be, Other Side of the River, Seasons, Damned If I Do, Don't You, Let's Pretend,
Fears, Lost at 22, Unstable, I Regret, Drained and Ugly.
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'Soul Searching Sun' was the third album the band. The album was released in 1997 and had thirteen tracks such as Lead You Astray, Hope, My Mind is Dangerous, Hemophiliac in Me, Gently Sentimental, Whispers, Heroin Dreams, Angry Tree, Weeds, Desire, Tangerine, None and Neg.

Two years later a compilation album of the Life of Agony was released and was entitled '1989-1999'. The album had as many as fifteen songs such as Redemption Song, Here I Am, Here I Stay, Lost at 22, I Regret, 3 Companions, Dancing With the Devil, How It Would Be '97,Tangerine (re-zep), Depression, March of the S.O.D. / Sgt., Drowning, Coffee Break, Plexiglass Gate, Colorblind and Step Aside.
In 1997 the Life of Agony at the Dutch Lowlands Festival had a performance. In 2000 a live album of the performance was released. The album titled 'Unplugged at the Lowlands Festival '97' and has fifteen songs such as How It Would Be, Introduction, Respect, Method of Groove, Other Side of the River, Angry Tree, River Runs Red, Plexiglass Gate, My Mind is Dangerous, This Time, Desire, My Eyesm, Let's Pretend, Weeds and Seasons.

Though in between the band had broken down but in 2003 on 3rd and 4th January, the band reunited for a sold out performance which took place at the Irving Plaza in New York. This reunion also performed in many other shows and in European festivals.

In 2005 the fourth album of the band was released which was named ' Broken Valley'. The album had twelve tracks Strung Out, Room 244, Last Cigarette, The Day He Died, Love to Let You Down, The Calm That Disturbs You, Broken Valley, Don't Bother, Junk Sick, No One Survives, Justified and Wicked Ways.

The band continue to perform together in various shows and festivals. For getting for the live shows of Life of Agony you can contact Online Seats.
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