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Less Than Jake performs tickets known for their power punk ballads, a horn section, and a sense of humor. The group has been playing since 1992 with the tow founding members, guitarist and singer Chris Demakes and drummer Vinnie Fiorello, as the two constant members. Less Than Jake has continued to deliver fun, fast concerts on tours for over a decade and have not forgotten their roots.

Demakes and Fiorello were the two remaining members from Good Grief to remain in Florida. The bassist, Shaun Grief, left for New York after the band dissolved as Demakes went to college. Demakes and Fiorello continued to keep in contact and eventually started writing songs together. That year after choosing the name Less Than Jake the group looked for a new bassist. The name came from the observation the best treated thing in Fiorello's household was the dog, Jake. The humor continues to permeate their material and is one of the driving forces behind their tickets and album sales.

After finding a bassist, Roger Manganelli, in 1992, Less Than Jake began touring the local scene. In 1993 the punk group added Jessica Mills on horn and Buddy Schaub on trombone. The band started releasing 7'' records and was eventually signed to Dil Records. Within a couple of years the group was on tickets on a national tour several other groups.

In 1995, Less Than Jake signed with Capitol Records after the success of their first full-length studio album, Pezcore. The lineup began changing, but the odd collection of instruments remained the same. The first major label studio album, Losing Streak, found an audience with the college radio and hit number 18 on the U.S. charts. College students bought tickets to see Less Than Jake tickets as they toured the small towns throughout the country.
The third studio album did not chart as well, but it did release a huge hit on college radio, "History of a Boring Town". Less Than Jake Returned to its independent roots after the album and tried to sell tickets and tour without the promotion of Capitol Records.

The next album, Borders and Boundaries, suffered from the lack of backing and Less Than Jake returned to a major label, this time signing with Sire Records. Anthem (2003) and In With the Out Crowd (2006) found the charts again with the aid of major promotion and the group appeared on tickets for major festivals and tours for the next few years.

The latest release, GNV FLA, brought the five-piece punk outfit to the national stage again. Less Than Jake returned to the comical power punk roots after drifting closer to pop punk through the years. Tickets to their concerts will find a group more in tune with a band finding itself in 1993 than the group searching for a place in the beginning of the century.

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