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Every year the music industry is pleased to pimp out the summer concert series and is ready to celebrate nostalgia, as hit makers from years past return to the stage. Every year, the same industry pays homage to Leonard Cohen by taking particular glee in announcing his series of concerts, despite his seeming lack of contemporary buzz or historic number one hits. This year is no different. Leonard Cohen tickets are on sale to see the legendary lyricist on his 2012 fall tour of North America.

This time not only is Cohen going to play more than a few venues, but he is also going to be supporting a new album. Old Ideas, his 12th studio album and first in eight years, has already become his first number one album in the Canada and his first top-five album in the United States. IT has also gone platinum in Canada. The album has added two singles to his long list, "Show Me the Place" and "Darkness".

These will not be the only songs on the nightly set list, but they will be welcome additions. Leonard Cohen is already filling up his summer with a trip through Europe, but he is crossing the Atlantic Ocean and coming home to perform 20 dates from October 31 at the Bass Concert Hall in Austin, Texas until December 20, 2012 at the Barclays Center, the new home of the Nets in Brooklyn.

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Leonard Cohen has become a world-famous poet, novelist, and songwriter. It all began back in the late 1950s, when he established himself in poetry circles in college. He benefited from a modest inheritance that allowed him to venture north of the border in Canada. By the 1960s his journey as an artist had put him in touch with Andy Warhol and the Factory. Heavily influenced by the culture surrounding the modern artist, Cohen began to frequent associated clubs and listening to performers like Nico.

Suddenly Leonard became a songwriter and he soon attracted a manager, a singer willing to perform his material in Judy Collins, and Columbia Records. His first album, Songs of Leonard Cohen, was released in 1967. The album proved too dark for American audiences but tortured enough to earn him acclaim in Canada and in Europe. He became an underground sensation. Still, Leonard Cohen continued to record and tour North America. Cohen tickets sold throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s. His work was featured in the Robert Altman film McCabe & Mrs. Miller. He took a different approach with Phil Spector in 1977 on Death of a Ladies Man, moving from a minimalist folk approach and using a wall of sound.

He remained busy through the decades, always existing just below the mainstream but delivering familiar hits. In 1984 he released Various Positions with a recording of Hallelujah, a song that would perhaps best be remembered for Jeff Buckley's tortured rendition. Cohen sold fewer and fewer tickets in the United States as Columbia did not give him the promotional support to be a success, but he remained a favorite artist in his homeland Canada and throughout Europe.

As time passed music tastes changed and Leonard Cohen continued to experiment. He tried synthesizers on I'm Your Man in 1986 and reemerged to the younger demographic in 1990 thanks to his song Everybody Knows in the movie Pump Up the Volume. The semi-reclusive artist moved away from selling tour tickets and instead disappeared in 1996.

In 2001 he reemerged again with Ten New Songs. Years followed with bitter suits between business managers and the artist, leaving the artist with a substantially less secure fortune. He returned to the stage in 2008 on tour that sold Leonard Cohen tickets to see the songwriter perform for the first time in years. Now he is making the United States an annual touring destination.

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