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Background- Leon Redbone has been known as the "the most famous non-famous American musician" of the 20th-century jazz and blues music.

Leon Redbone was born in the year 1949 and has made a mark as a performer of jazz and blues music in the early part of 20th-century. Redbone was born in Cyprus to parents who were of Armenian origin. Redbone possess a distinctive and pervasive quality of mystery and so it's difficult to biographize. It is generally believed to some sources, that he used to live in Canada for years, and it is there that he started giving performance in public. He used to appear frequently and perform in Toronto clubs as well as at folk music festivals in the early part of the 70s which helped him to build his rapport in musical field as well as his mysterious persona. Even before he got a recording contract, Rolling Stone magazine wrote a full-page feature article on Redbone in the year 1974. He has been described in the article as "so authentic you can hear the surface noise," and in the same article Redbone told them that he was the love child of Paganini and Jenny Lind.

In the year 1975, he released his first album, "On the Track" under the Warner Bros. Records in the year 1975. The album was a smashing hit and after that their was looking back. After that he started appearing in public shows too and came to be known as a semi-regular musical guest who used to featured on NBC's Saturday Night Live, throughout the late 70s and 80s. In the late 70's he also appeared on the Merv Griffin show where he was introduced as the "Andy Kaufman ...maybe or maybe not,". In the show he plays the role of insane comedian who is true to his possible identity, since both Andy Kaufman and Leon Redbone was born on the same day. Moreover, he has got a history of impressive and extensive performances with the famous musical personalities. He has also appeared in the comic strips of Mister Boffo and Gary Larson. He has also performed in the theme song for the popular '80s sitcom Mr. Belvedere and regularly appears on the Between the Lions, a PBS children's show. Apart from this he has also composed music for many television commercisla and has even appeared on those. One of the most famous is the commercial for Budweiser beer. In this commercial he flies over a beach on a flying carpet, singing "This Bud's for You." Redbone has released innumerable soundtrack and compositions
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He has also released a dozen of albums and has earned a dedicated fan base who travels to his shows and concerts to hear him perform. Such is their dedication! His concerts are always a mixture of comedy, performance, and display of skilled instrumentals. He alsodid a cover for Frank Loesser's romantic Christmas song Baby, "It's Cold Outside" along with Zooey Deschanel which was used for the closing credits of the 2003 film Elf. In the year 1980, he miraculously escaped the small plane crash, after that incident, he travels frequently by car.

A list of his albums are "On the Track" in the year 1977 , "Double Time" in the year 1978 , "Champagne Charlie" in the year 1981 , "From Branch to Branch" in the year 1985 , "Leon Redbone Live"in the year 1985, "Red to Blue" in the year 1985, "Christmas Island" in the year 1987, "No Regrets" in the year 1988, "Sugar" in the year 1991, "Up a Lazy River" in the year 1992, "Live!" in the year 1994 , "Whistling in the Wind" in the year 1994, "Live & Kickin'" in the year 1999 , "Any Time" in the year and "Live - October 26, 1992: The Olympia Theater, Paris France" in the year 2001.

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