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Leo Dan is South American singer and acclaimed song writer Leo Dan is, among audiences and critics, the acknowledged old traditionalist standard bearer for the Latin American Music over six decades. He is the old guy, who not only rakes in the cash, but also receives consistently good reviews for his music. Tickets sales for his concerts and albums, in South America, have shown a meteoric rise, a testimonial to his steadfast popularity. His music plays to all kinds of listeners and manages to cross the boundaries demarcated by language and country. He is someone what has always taken his music seriously and delivered many a classic that has scaled the popularity charts not only in his native Argentina but also across the world. He is one of the few singers that have illustrated the fact that music bodes no boundaries. This revered and extremely melodious singer is now performing at a venue near you and your are requested to book your tickets early to avoid problems later.

Leonardo Dante Tevez was born in 1945 in Atamisqui, Santiago del Estero Province, in Argentina. He gave himself the name Leo Dan which he felt, had more of a recall value then his earlier name. He started his career like any other singer gigging and performing at various local clubs before finally hitting the big time in Argentinean music. His first album, gave music lover a taste of his music and underlined Dan's unique aptitude of incorporating blues and South American country standards, a blend of music that he has perfected over several decades. Over his long and distinguished career during the late 20th century, between Argentina and Mexico, he has recorded more than 20 albums. He has performed in dozens of Latin favourites over this career and has also garnered critical acclaim for his lyrics. Some of his more famous songs are Mary Es Mi Amor, Siempre Estoy Pensando en Ella, Esa Pare, Ceila, Pememe la luna, and Te He Promietido.
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Leo Dan is an integral part of all his songs and his touch is everywhere. And, his years in the music industry have turned him into a genuine craftsman, both as a musician and a songwriter. With numerous best –selling albums, to his credit, he has entrenched himself in the hearts of music lovers across the world. His concerts have also showcased his dazzling prowess and have left his fans asking for more. He is one of the brightest stars on the musical horizon and music lovers are queue up in droves to get a taste of his music. His rising popularity is characterized by the rising sales of his concert tickets. So all you Latin music lovers – Go get your tickets now.
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