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Background- LCD Soundsystem has been rocking the world with its Dance-punk

James Murphy is the man behind the formation of LCD Soundsystem. He started LCD Soundsystem as the musical side project. In addition, he is also the co-founder and producer of dance-punk label DFA Records. The music of LCD Soundsystem is different from any other band. Their's music can be described as the mixture of dance music and punk, and also blends the elements of disco as well as various other styles. The sole member of LCD Soundsystem is James Murphy himself, who is the vocalist, and plays instruments in the band. But when he is performing live in concerts and shows, he is accompanied by the following band: Tyler Pope as the bassist (also in !!! and Out Hud), Phil Mossman as the guitarist and percussionist. Nancy Whang as the keyboardist, as well as on synthesizer and Pat Mahoney as the drummer.

When LCD Soundsystem released its first single, "Losing My Edge", it gained immediate attention. The single was such a hit, that it was both critically acclaimed and was highly successful in the commercials level. The success of the single boosted Murphy and later on he released a double album which was titled LCD Soundsystem. The album was released in the month of February in the year 2005. The album turned out to be huge hit and was also critically acclaimed. The album consists of two disks, the first disk of the album contains new music while the other disc contains re releases of those previous songs which were released as singles. The opening track of the album is "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House" became an instant hit and as a result gained huge popularity. It also entered the UK Top 40 in March 2005. The song was later used on several video game soundtracks like SSX on Tour and as well as in FIFA 06.
On December 8, 2005 the group was nominated for two Grammys Awards in the category of Electronica category for their self-titled album and in the Dance category for the single "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House". That's not the end, the album was also chosen as one of's Top 100 Editor's Picks in the year 2005.

In the year 2006 James Murphy released a track entitled "45:33" which was a part of the promotion with Nike. The track is, appropriately, 45 minutes and 33 seconds long. They are right now busy working on the second album which is entitled "Sound Of Silver" and which is slated to be released in the year 2007.

A list of their albums are "LCD Soundsystem" released on January 24, in the year 2005 and appeared on #20 UK, "Introns" which is a remix album, digital only released on 13 March, in the year 2006, "Sound Of Silver" released on March 20, in the year 2007.

A list of hit singles are "Losing My Edge", (July 8, 2002) #115 UK, "Give It Up", (July 28, 2003), "Yeah", (January 12, 2004) #77 UK, "Movement"(November 8, 2004) #52 UK, "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House" (February 28, 2005) #29 UK, "Disco Infiltrator", (June 6, 2005) #49 UK, "Tribulations" (September 26, 2005) #59 UK

A list of compilations are DFA Compilation, Vol. 1 (2003 · DFA), DFA Compilation, Vol. 2 (2004 · DFA), Music from the OC: Mix 5 (2005 · Warner Bros./Wea), DFA Holiday Mix 2005 (2005 · DFA). LCD Soundsystem was nominated in the year 2005, for Grammy Award in the category of Best Electronic/Dance Album for the album "LCD Soundsystem" and Best Dance Recording for the single. "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House".

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