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Laurie Anderson full name is Laura Phillips Anderson, who apart from being an artist and musician, has also worked as an art instructor, art critic for magazines such as Art Forum, and illustrated children's books . She gave her first performance at a symphony, where she played on automobile horns and was widely appreciated. Throughout the 70's, she has performed in New York. One of her best performance, which she performed in New York as well as in other cities around the world, is that which involved playing violin, while at the same time wearing ice skates and balancing on a block of ice, she keeps on playing the violin endlessly till the ice melts away.

"New York Social Life" and "Time to Go," two early pieces was included in the compilation of New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media, and also included the works by Pauline Oliveros and others. In the late 70's, she did a large number of additional recordings and among them the most notable was by the Giorno Poetry Systems label run by New York poet John Giorno. She also performed at The Nova Convention, where many musical stars were also involved, including William S. Burroughs, Philip Glass, Frank Zappa, Timothy Leary, Malcolm Goldstein, John Cage and Allen Ginsberg.

But it was in the year 1982, when she became quite famous with the release of the single "O Superman," released by One Ten Records. "O Superman" reached number two on the national pop charts in Britain. Following the success of this single, Anderson then signed up with the Warner Bros. label, which re-released the single. When she released the album, "Big Science", she included the single "O Superman. Anderson then signed up with Giorno Poetry Systems to record the album, "You're the Guy I Want to Share My Money With", along with Burroughs Anderson recorded one side of the 2-LP set, while with Giorno she recorded the rest of the songs. The album Mister Heartbreak and United States Live, which was a five-LP recording of her stage show, followed next.
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Apr 22 Sun 7:00 PM Laurie Anderson The Neptune Theatre
Seattle, WA
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In the year 1986, she directed, and also starred in "Home of the Brave," which was a concert film. She also composed the soundtracks for the Spalding Gray films Swimming to Cambodia and Monster in a Box. She went on to contribute music to Robert Wilson's "Alcestis" at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge MA.

Anderson has also collaborated with William Burroughs, Arto Lindsay, Ian Ritchie, Peter Gabriel, Perry Hoberman, David Sylvian, Jean Michel Jarre, Brian Eno, Nona Hendryx, Bobby McFerrin, Dave Stewart, Peter Laurence Gordon, Hector Zazou, and Lou Reed.

A list of albums released by Anderson are "You're the Guy I Want to Share My Money With" released in the year 1981, "Big Science" released in the year 1982, appeared at #124, "Mister Heartbreak " released in the year 1984 appeared at #60, "United States Live" released in the year 1984 appeared at #192, "Home of the Brave" released in the year1986 appeared at #145, "Strange Angels" released in the year 1989 appeared at #171, featuring Bobby McFerrin, "Bright Red" released in the year 1994 appeared at #195, "The Ugly One with the Jewels" released in the year1995, "Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology" released in the year 2000, "Life on a String" released in the year 2001, "Live in New York" released in the year 2002. The hit singles are "O Superman (For Massenet)" released in the year 1981 appeared at #2 UK, "Big Science" released in the year 1981, "Sharkey's Day" released in the year 1984, "Language is a Virus" released in the year 1986), "Strange Angels"released in the year 1989, "Babydoll" released in the year 1989 #7 US Modern Rock, "Beautiful Red Dress" released in the year 1990, "In Our Sleep" released in the year 1994

She has also done some formal music videos, they are "O Superman", "Sharkey's Day", "Language is a Virus" (from Home of the Brave) and "Beautiful Red Dress".

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