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Vinnie Favorito is big a believer that no two audiences are the same, much like a snowflake. Much like snowflakes, they can be piled on, but instead of building snowmen and castles he is building big laughs. Vinnie Favorito tickets for his Las Vegas show at the Bugsby Cabaret at the Flamingo are a chance to be part of a nightly roast, with the understanding that no seat in the audience is safe from his biting and decidedly un-PC material.

The format his show is simple yet hilariously effective. He picks out audience members and simply asks a few questions, following each answer with a loving insult. Obviously, this is not a show for men and women without a sense of humor. Vinnie Favorito is fortunate there are so many people who can laugh at themselves and that they tend to come to Vegas in droves. Previous to this nightly residence, he traveled up and down the East Coast and had a stint in Los Angeles. Apparently he tired of the traveling, so he took the opportunity to become a showcase in Sin City.

There are plenty of opportunities to laugh in a city built on tourism and bringing an eclectic audience allowing the comedian to use all of his material. This material is based on stereotypes and those impromptu moments that are a result of the feel and sensibilities of the room. Thus, each performance is part sketch and part improve, a formula enjoyed by thousands each week.

Those thousands arrive at 8:00 p.m. each night for an hour’s time to be Vinnie’s willing victims. Vegas Vinnie Favorito tickets for this show are a chance to see everyone from every walk of life and every background imaginable on an equal playing field umpired by this brash, fast talking Boston comedian transplant. The Bugsby Cabaret is his corner of the Strip and he enjoys every night of his new life in residence, perhaps as much or more than those kicking the night off with non-stop laughter.

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