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Being sexy is not about being a stripper. Being sexy is about being as uninhibited as a stripper. Stripper 101 is the Las Vegas show that allows everyone, from soccer moms on vacation to bachelorette party’s jumpstarting the Vegas experience a couple hours before the clubs open, to look deep inside and let that freaky side out to play. For anyone who thinks this is an absurd idea, who thinks playing on poles and chairs is demeaning, Stripper 101 tickets are not for her (only women are allowed). This is a chance for women with a playful side to add their sultry stride to Sin City.

This show and workout is an experience unlike any other on the Strip. This is the only activity that truly incorporates audience participation into its very core, which those participants will be working to the tune of a burning 300-400 calories. All this takes place at the V Theater in the Miracle Mile Shops off to the side of the Planet Hollywood Casino and Resort. Here the girls can relax with a drink beforehand (or afterward to congratulate the effort) before entering the studio and getting out all the butterflies.

The classes are led, most times, by Kindra Knoll. She is proof stripping is in fact a great cardio workout. Kindra (yes, it is her real name) still sports an incredibly taut body. This program has become such a phenomenon it has spurred similar shows throughout the rest of the United States and crossed international borders. Heck, the pole industry even enjoyed a big burst in business a few years ago when personal poles in the bedroom became all the rage. The bedroom pole fad may have passed, but Stripper 101 remains and it remains as popular heading into the second decade of the 21st century.

Just how popular is Stripper 101? Well, there are 19 shows a week and each is jam packed with women looking to have a little fun. These women are asked to arrive half an hour before the show begins, thus the bar and the chance to grab a drink. Look for Vegas Stripper 101 tickets to cross this experience off the list and to brag to friends and tease husbands and boyfriends.

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