Danny Gans Tickets for Sale

Danny Gans has been named Entertainer of the Year in Las Vegas for the sixth straight year. You have not lived unless you have seen Danny Gans live. You have never experienced real Las Vegas Casino Entertainment unless you have seen Danny Gans in person, even if you have been to Las Vegas on numerous occasions. He is one of the hottest acts in town, Danny Gans show tickets are always sold out.
Believe it or not buy Danny Gans dream was not to become a superstar entertainer. He never had a goal of sell out shows in Las Vegas or having his own theatre, the Danny Gans Theatre. Danny's goal was oddly enough to play 3rd base for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
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This dream almost came true when he was barely in high school. The Kansas City Royals had drafted Danny Gans while he was still attending high school. Unfortunately he was forced to decline the offer due to an injury. Danny proved to be born under a lucky star as he then got a 2nd chance at major league ball with the Chicago White Sox while in college. However, once again he had to decline the offer. Just two years later, Danny was in the minor leagues and on his way to achieving his childhood goal. Injuries once again came into play and Danny was forced to give up his dream forever.
With the urging of his family and close circle of friends, Danny then when to attempting to achieve a goal of becoming an entertainer. Danny Gans was always extremely charismatic, funny, and possessed an excellent singing voice.