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Background- Larry The Cable Guy one of the most popular stand-up comedian and actor

Larry The Cable Guy or Daniel Lawrence Whitney was born in the year 1963 in Pawnee City, Nebraska. His family later moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. He studied in The King's Academy in West Palm Beach. He also played an instrument in a pep band. He started doing stand-up comedy at the Comedy Club in West Palm Beach right from the year 1985. After few years, he started doing comedy in radios. There he would call into stations as fictional characters. His name 'Larry' came from the character that he created after his friend from a station asked him to call in as a cable installer.

He started his career in Tampa Bay followed by stints at Rock 100 WDIZ and 101.1 WJRR Orlando. Later he joined the Blue Collar Boys. In the early 90s, he used to appear as a regular guest artist on programs such as the Ron and Ron Show and this show made him popular. He also did regular shows during the late 1990s on Z-92's 'The Todd and Tyler Show' in Omaha, Nebraska when he would call into Chris Baker's morning show, as well as the Kirk, Mark, and Lopez morning show on 98 Rock in Baltimore, MD. His trademarks are his style of producing humor by speaking in thick Southern dialect telling stories about his family, using the phrase 'Git-R-Done!' and is known for other commonly used expressions. He also sings Christmas songs, side by side his comedies like 'Donny the Retard,' 'Titty Bar Christmas,' and 'I Pissed My Pants' and also uses analogies like 'Madder than a skinhead watching The Jeffersons,' 'Madder than a car load of queers getting pulled over for doin' a 69 in a 55'.
He also appeared in the music video of Gretchen Wilson for the song 'All Jacked Up', in the year 2005. In the year 2006, he also starred in the film Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector. He has also released some of his comedic albums such as Lord, I Apologize, released in the year 2001, and The Right To Bare Arms, released in the year 2005. Both the albums have been certified gold by the RIAA. Only few comedians uses the catchphrase humor, and Larry the Cable Guy is one of them catchphrase humor. His most famous one are Git-R-Done, as well as Lord I Apologize and also I don't care who you are. He is also the co-stars of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and the subsequent series Blue Collar TV. His act has come under intense criticism for having racist and homophobic elements. Whitney responded by saying 'the only people who are uptight at my shows are politically correct white people.'

He was a radio personality on KEZO 'Z-92' in Omaha, NE, KQRC in Kansas City, MO, KMOD in Tulsa, OK, WJRR in Orlando, FL and WIYY in Baltimore, MD. A list of his filmography are Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie released in the year 2003, Blue Collar Comedy Tour: Rides Again released in the year 2004, Blue Collar TV released in the year 2004, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector released in the year 2006, Cars (Film & Video Game) released in the year 2006, Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One For the Road released in the year 2006, and Delta Farce released in the year 2007.

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