Lana Del Rey Tickets for Sale

Lana Del Rey is only a musician with a penchant for cinematic sounds, but, quite fittingly, a controversial figure in the modern music landscape. Is she a calculating mastermind? Is she a young artist simply struggling with new opportunities? Either way, Lana Del Rey tickets are concert tickets ranking high atop the list of must-see shows for every indie music fan.

She is out on the road, excited (we think) to be performing her hit singles from her debut studio album, Born to Die. The album has gone number one, two, or three throughout the world. Lana Del Rey hit gold certification in Austria and Europe and she has been doing her best to make a big media splash. She has been performing on late night talk shows and even on Saturday Night Live, bringing her persona to life. The singles "Video Games", "Born to Die", and "Blue Jeans" each have the quality of a pivotal scene in a blockbuster. It is this quality many expect to hear more of in the summer of 2012 when she releases her first mixtape.

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What is it that makes this young singer so compelling? She is an enigma who draws her inspiration from the Americana of decades past, but is flexible enough to include modern musical references. Lana Del Rey is part Nancy Sinatra, part Eminem, and part Britney Spears. She is the mainstream media's introduction to Sadcore, taking adult alternative in a new direction with chamber pop sounds.

Lana Del Rey is also a pure construction of Lizzy Grant's imagination. She was born in June 21, 1986 in New York City, but was raised in upstate New York. She returned to the city partially to go to college and partially to take her chance as a career musician. Her father backed her, offering her a chance to explore writing songs, performing in clubs, and self-promotion.

Officially, her music career is listed as 2005. It took three years, but she finally gathered enough material to release her first EP, Kill Kill. She eventually signed with Interscope and Polydor and would go on to release "Video Games" virally. It became a YouTube sensation and going platinum aafter climbing the charts. Now the album has earned rave reviews and Lana Del Rey has become a cultural force, even signing with a model agency in the beginning of 2012. OnlineSeats has the Lana Del Rey concert tickets to see this force live.