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La Academia (The Academy) is one of the most popular and famous Mexican reality television show that is being shown on TV Azteca. One thing to be kept in mind is that the show isn't closely associated with the franchise of Endemol. It also includes the "Star Academy" shows. The show is so famous that it has to share tiff competition of many variants in the similar format of the global franchise. Eventually, the show is currently exercising control over other shows as well, especially over the popular show Televisa's Operacion Triunfo Mexico. Televisa's Operacion Triunfo Mexico, shared the same time-slot before "La Academia"star. It was later replaced by Big Brother VIP Mexico and Bailando por la boda de mis sueños. But one thing is to be remembered is that the Televisa reality show, was in actuality the official Endemol entry in Mexico.

Nevertheless, the show has featured such artists such as Yuridia, Cynthia, Erasmo, Yahir, Carlos Rivera, Myriam, Victor, Nadia López, Adrián Varela, Erika and Rosalía among others. Nonetheless, the license of the show has even given to other countries such as Malaysia (Akademi Fantasia), Indonesia (Akademi Fantasi Indosiar), Thailand (Academy Fantasia) and The United States (La Academia USA).
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The format of the show is like this, every year, young people numbering 14 to18 live together in a house that is separated from the rest of the world. They spend their days together, taking classes in singing, dancing, acting, and related fields. All of them prepare themselves for one or two songs that they will be performing in a 3-hour concert which they performs every Sunday evening for television viewers and also live studio audience. Eventually, every week, one of the students is removed from the competition, and it goes one, till reaching the grand finale. In the grand finale, only five are left and these remaining students compete fiercely for the top prize. The elimination process of the students are based on voted and whoever gets the fewest votes during the week are eliminated. The viewers can vote by telephone, but as compared to American Idol, calls are not free, in this show. Each vote costs around 25 Mexican pesos which is around US$2.50.

Another reality show "Camino a la fama"in the same line with La Academia is aired weekly during the afternoons. It shows what the students have done during the day in the house, not only academically, but also re creatively and also interpersonally. This show in the process helps the students to uncover themselves and also procure the sympathy of the public. During the first four seasons, Alan Tacher hosted all the shows, the concerts and the summaries but in the year 2006, he was succceded by Monica Garza.

La Academia started in the year 2002. The winner of the season was Myriam Montemayor Cruz. The finalists of the season were Víctor Alejandro García Pérez placed in second, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Chapital placed in third, Yahir Othon Parra placed in fourth and Nadia Yvonne López Ayuso placed in fifth. In the year 2003, the winner of the season was Erika Alcocer Luna. The finalists of the season were Marco Antonio Moreno García placed in second, Manuel Mancillas Dena placed in third, Fredi Ivann Bautista García placed in fourth, Rosalía León Oviedo placed in fifth. In the year 2004 , the winner of the season was Carlos Rivera Guerra. The finalists of the season were Dulce López Rodríguez placed in second, Melissa Ibarra Murrieta placed in third, Leticia López Ramos placed in fourth, César Robles Hinojosa placed in fifth and Israel Estrada Quintanar placed in sixth. The finalists of the year 2006 are Rocío Colette Acuña Calzada, Samuel Castelán Marini, Beatriz Marbella Corella Sias, Renata Rodríguez Barajas. The winner is yet to be declared.
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