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Background- He made his mark in the field of arranger, performer and composer and is also a recipient of Emmy Awards, Kurt Bestor's careers is really going great guns.

Born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and was raised in Orem, Utah. Music was in his blood, his grandfather used to play trumpet in the band of Tommy Dorsey and his great uncle used to play trombone in the band of Jack Benny. Kurt Bestor also served as a a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in the 90s, when wars were wrecking Yugoslavia during those days.

In the year 1995, Bestor along with Utah composer Sam Cardon, released a CD, entitled "Innovators," and also a sequel in the year 2001. He became so popular with his songs that his Christmas concerts became an annual affair in the Utah tradition. In the year 2005, Bestor he also started hosting a morning radio talk show that was women oriented, on KUTR 820 AM in Salt Lake City, Utah. Nevertheless, he also composed several music introductions for numerous television programs, such as Good Morning America and Monday Night Football. He also got the Emmy Award for Olympic Theme Calgary Olympics in the year 1988.

He started his career by composing music for a number of films and productions such as The Magdeburg Affair in the year 1987 and the Winter Olympics in the year 1988, for which he was awarded the Emmy. In the year 1988 he also released Christmas Vol.1, which was his first holiday album. In the year 1989, he released his first album "Seasons" which was of his new age compositions. Throughout the '90s he released a number of holiday, soundtrack and original projects which includes Noel, The Ghosts Of Dickens' Past, Sketches and The Dance. In the early part of the year 2000, "Innovators" was released.

A list of his representative albums are "Sketches", "Seasons", "The Dance".
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The tracks of the album "Seasons" were composed by the classical and greatest composers of the world. These created symphonies and suites which was devoted to the four seasons. The songs are melodic, smooth and mostly acoustic. The tracks are Prologue, The First Morning, Sunshowers, Summer Portrait, Revival, Windjammin', Road Less Traveled, Heartland, Hymn, Sundance, First Snow and Epilogue

In the album "Sketches" Bestor sketches some of the best musical from some of the humankind's greatest contributors. From the liner notes: "As I sipped my complimentary beverage with 200 other passengers on our luxury liner, perusing a book about Leonardo DaVinci, it suddenly occurred to me that I was sitting in the realization of his sketched dream of a flying machine." The most enjoyable tracks in the album are "Expedition," "A Romance With Electrons," and "Mama, Don't You Weep". These compositions, will take your thoughts in a world that is beautiful with new ideas. The tracks of the album are Expedition, Fishing the Sky, Stradivarius, Mama, Don't You Weep, A Romance With Electrons, On Pastel Wing, Faces on a Fresco, From Leonardo's Sketchbook, Windrunner and Sketches.

In the album "The Dance", does some simple but melodious tricks in the songs. In this tracks he remain glued to piano, his musical prowess. In this album he has chosen the right instrumentation to suit the mood of the songs. There is beautiful rendition of "Nutcracker Suite." The album reflects as well as encourage the special bonding of love and affection between parents and children. The tracks of the album are Dance for Me, Sundancing, New England Air, Pavane, Nutcracker Suite, Chaconne d'Amore, Pas de Deux, Reverie, Adagio and The Dance.

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