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Krizz Kaliko (Samuel William Christopher Watson) is perhaps one of the most interesting personalities in the hip hop genre. He openly admits, even flaunting, his skin condition (Vitiligo) and mental disorder (Bipolar disorder). He also has a close association with Tech N9ne and has been able to pursue his creative passions in the recording booth and behind the glass. Krizz Kaliko tickets are concert tickets to see a hip hop artist who dabble in funk, rock, R&B, and even opera.

Born in 1974, Krizz Kaliko would have to wait nearly a quarter of a century before finally making the connection with a fellow Kansas City artist and advancing his career past the dream state. He met Tech N9ne while working with IcyRoc Kraven. Tech N9ne happened to be working on a song and Krizz offered a few profound changes. From that moment on, Krizz Kaliko's future seemed to be tied to Tech's.

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Kaliko signed with Tech N9ne's label Strange Music and began working behind the scenes with several label mates, as well as offering a voice for tracks. He eventually recorded and released his own album, Vitiligo, in 2008. The album peaked at number 167 on the Billboard 200, number 19 on the top independent chart, and number 20 on the Top Rap chart. The actual album sales were far less impressive.

This trend – great chart position but little follow through leading to dwindling album sales – has defined his career as a solo artist. His sophomore album, Genius, had even better rankings in the charts (number 85 on the Billboard 200, number 12 on the Top Independent chart, and number 3 on the Top Rap chart) but sold fewer albums. Krizz Kaliko hopes to break this trend with his third album, Shock Treament. OnlineSeats will have Krizz Kaliko tickets to see this artist tour as he tries and become as great a commercial success as he is a chart force.

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