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Background- She is a New York vocalist whose talent is equaled by her striking ability as a songwriter

In this musical world where all around yourself you find techno, house and hip-hop and other traditional genres such as pop or R&B, you will find one female singer, who is establishing herself as a an accomplished singer and she is non other than Kristin Mainhart. In these days, where Nicolette, Beth Gibbons from Portishead, Louise Rhodes from Lamb, Syke Edwards from Morcheeba, Shara Nelson (who worked with Massive Attack), Martine (who worked with Tricky) or even Dido are rocking the world with their songs, Kristin Mainhart believes in doing something that is entirely different from any of the mentioned singers. She keeps on singing back and forth from the traditional straining vocal chords. She pours her soul out in her melodious songs. She prefers to sing at the subterranean New York jazz club. With the kind of voice that she possess, Kristin Mainhart is never short of work. She is not another female voice who is telling love stories, even if she does, it is worth listening.

Although in the recent times, the pop area is captured by Nelly Furtado and Anastacia, R&B has Erykah Badu and Macy Gray, and then there is Christina Aguilera who capture the teen markets with her mature voice, and not to forget Britney Spears. Still Kristin stands out, because she possess an unique singing chord. With this talent in possession, she is quite in demand in every musical underground. Her music will make a lasting impression in your mind, that you will want to hear her songs again and again. Even her love songs stand out in the crowd. She combines lyrics with emotions, her vocal range encompasses the spectrum of harmony and feeling, tenderness and feelings and a pretty face to go with it. Her songs are produced by Brooklyn-based producer Khromozomes, who provides a fusion of plush instrumentals and rocking beats. Some of the best singles are "Comfortable", "Broken Girl","Another Girl", then there is Stanley Turrentine's "Sister Sanctified" for "Talking B.S."
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The songwriting ability of Mainhart can really be appreciated. Her lyrics will make her fans coming back to her again and again. The single, "Talking B.S.", is the only song where in she has introduced rapper in the song. In the song " Empty", she asks the commitment from her lover side, both in the terms of body and soul. In "Another Girl", she turns away her lover to someone else, because she feels she could never be that girl, that he is looking for. On an abstract levell, all these songs can be categorized into a happening one, that would be like by the listeners. Out of all those songs, "Comfortable", is the most compelling song, that depicts about a relationship that has become so comfortable, to the extent that it was becoming uncomfortable. Of all the songs, "Broken Girl" is one of the most touching song of all that will really touch your heart some way or the other. In this song she describes a friend. Her songs gives a coolness and sparkling blue rays. It's not long that she will be able to capture the position that Shakira or Christina Aguilera is occupying.

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