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The Kottonmouth Kings is a psychedelic hip-hop punk rock outfit. It is based in Orange County, California and was formed in 1994. The band consists of the former frontman of the Humble Gods Brad Daddy X, rappers Saint Vicious and D-Loc, DJ Bobby B. and Pakelika.

The band came to be recognized by their track "Suburban Life." The track was featured on the soundtrack of the Box office blockbuster "Scream 2 ." The band issued an EP, "Stoners Reeking Havoc," on their own label Suburban Noize in1998. The released their full length album "Royal Highness" on Capitol records. Their next album, "Hidden Stash" was issued in 1999. Their third album, "High Society" catapulted them into the big league. They released "Hidden Stash II : Kream Of The Krop" in 2001. Brad X produced their fifth studio album, "Rollin Stoned," that was released in 2002.
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A compilation of their best hits titled "Classic Hits Live" was released in 2003. The band continued to grow and their label Suburban Noize continued releasing DVDs and CDs of rappers and punk bands. Their next album, "Fire It Up" was released in 2004. Catch these energetic and fantastic band performing live in concert. Contact your on-line ticket vendor and get your tickets.


Kottonmouth Kings - 2005
Joint Venture - 2005
Fire It Up - 2004
The Kottonmouth Experience - 2004
Classic Hits Live - 2003
Rollin' Stoned - 2002
Hidden Stash II: The Kre... - 2001
High Society - 2000
Hidden Stash - 1999
Royal Highness - 1998
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