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Kool and The Gang band of United States of America is a very well known and highly acclaimed group. The band is known for many musical genre mainly funk, soul, R&B and disco. It is a band which at different point of time of its career have given music of different genres. They were first a funk and R&B group then went on to become a smooth disco and then gave a music which was a blend of pop and R&B music. This has been the reason why Kool And The Gang has been such a wonderful and successful band. The band has given all types of hit numbers such as Higher Plane, Open Sesame , The Gang's Back Again , Ladies' Night, Hollywood Swinging, Love And Understanding, Let The Music Take Your Mind, Celebration and the list is endless. Buy tickets for the shows of Kool and The Gang from Online Seats for low price.

Kool and The Gang was born in the year of 1964. The important members of the band have been Robert Mickens on trumpet, tenor saxophone by Ronald Bell, alto saxophone by Dennis Thomas , bass by Robert Bell, Claydes Charles Smith on guitar, drums by George Brown, Rick Westfield on keyboards and trombonist Clifford Adams. It6 was in 1964 when an instrumental band by the name of
Jazziacs was formed by Robert Bell having his five high school friends. This name was later changed to Kool and The Gang and gave many pop hits.

The first album of the band was a self titled album 'Kool And The Gang' which had ten tracks such as The Gang's Back Again, Kool & the Gang, Since I Lost My Baby, Let the Music Take Your Mind, Chocolate Buttermilk, Kool's Back Again, Breeze & Soul, Raw Hamburger, Sea of Tranquility and Give It Up.
The second album of Kool and The Gang was a soul, jazz and funk album. The album was 'Live at PJ's' and was released in 1971 having eight songs The Penguin, Ricksonata, Lucky for Me, Ike's Mood, N.T., Dujii, Sombrero Sam and Ronnie's Groove.
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Miami, FL
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Though in between Kool and The Gang released number of albums but it was in the year of 1973 that the greatest album of band came. The album was 'Wild and Peaceful' and was their sixth album. It came on many charts and topped on the R&B charts and Billboard charts. A track from the album 'Jungle Boogie' was the most successful and famous especially in the clubs. The track was included in soundtrack of film Pulp Fiction. The other tracks in this highly successful album were Hollywood Swinging, Wild and Peaceful, Funky Stuff, Life Is What You Make It, More Funky Stuff, Heavan at Once and This Is You, This Is Me.
Another very successful album of the Kool and The Gang was released in 1975 tilted 'Spirit of the Boogie'. The album was successful for tacks like Ancestral Ceremony, Caribbean Festival, Ride the Rhythm, Mother Earth, Sunshine and Love, Winter Sadness, Spirit of the Boogie and Jungle Jazz.
After this album the band started their tenure with the disco music. In the recent years the group have released various albums namely 'In the Heart', 'State of Affairs', 'Gangland', 'Emergency', 'Unite', 'As One', 'Sweat', 'Forever'.

Kool and The Gang for the past four decades have commanded a large fan following with their music and concerts still being liked a lot. See the live concerts of Kool and The Gang after purchasing tickets from Online Seats.
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