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Kix is a rock band from the United States of America. It consists of six members namely Steve Whiteman for lead vocals, Jimmy Chalfant on drums, guitar by Ronnie Younkins, bass by Mark Schenker, Brian Jay Forsythe and Donnie Purnell on bass. Kix is among the greatest rock bands of the country and was formed in 1978. The band has been regular at the a night club named Nightclub and at the Hammerjacks Concert Hall. Kix tours a lot and performs lot in live concerts and shows. You can buy tickets for the shows of Kix through Online Seats where you will get tickets for very less price for premium seats.

The band was earlier formed by the name The Shooze. This name was changed to The Generators. But the later its present name Kix was adopted. The band was very successful for Maryland and in 1981 they signed a contract with Atlantic Records. In 1981 also the first album of the band was released titled 'Kix'. The superb tracks in the album made them concert favorite. 'Kix' was a nine track album with songs like Poison, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah , The Itch , Kix Are for Kids, Heartache, Atomic Bombs, The Kid, Love at First Sight and Contrary Mary.

In 1983 the next album of Kix was released entitled 'Cool Kids'. This was too a great album and famous among the fans of the band. There were ten tracks on the album Nice on Ice, Restless Blood, Burning Love, Mighty Mouth, For Shame, Body Talk, Get Your Monkeys Out , Love Pollution, Loco-Emotion and Cool Kids.

In the 1980s Kix collaborated with Beau Hill the Warrant producer and Ratt. With this album the band gained more success and popularity. There were ten tracks on the album which were Lie Like a Rug, Midnite Dynamite, Cry Baby, Bang Bang, Scarlet Fever, Layin' Rubber, Sex, Red Hot (Black & Blue), Cold Shower and Walkin' Away.
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May 13 Sat 8:00 PM Skid Row & Kix Cannery Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV
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Jul 13 Thu 9:00 PM Kix Bottle & Cork
Rehoboth Beach, DE
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Meanwhile Kix began to receive more popularity in Los Angeles and various other places. The most successful album of the band came in 1988 titled ' Blow My Fuse ' which was their platinum album. There were number of great hit singles on the album such as Red Lite, Green Lite, TNT, She Dropped Me the Bomb, Boomerang, Blow My Fuse, Dirty Boys, No Ring Around the Rosie, Piece of the Pie,
Don't Close Your Eyes , Get It While It's Hot, and Cold Blood. With this album the band also played at the Hammerjacks concert and released videos for some singles. The group then opened for many other known artists such as Aerosmith and AC/DC.

The year of 1991 was marked by the release of album 'Hot Wire'. This album had ten tracks such as Bump the La La, Pants on Fire, Tear Down the Walls, Hot Wire, Rock & Roll Overdose, Same Jane, Girl Money, Cold Chills and Hee Bee Jee Bee Crush.

The album 'Show Business' came in 1995 and proved to be another great album in the discography of Kix. The album had ten tracks If You Run Around, Booke to Hypnotize, She Loves Me Not, Baby Time Bomb, Fire Boy, Ball Baby, Put My Money, I'm Bombed, 9-1-1 and Fireballs

Kix for past two decades have been an excellent band and maintained their large fan following through their live shows and touring. You can avail the tickets for the live concerts of Kix from Online Seats.