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Kittie is a very famous band comprising of all women members. This Canadian alternative metal group is formed of four members who are Morgan Lander on vocals and guitar, bass by Trish Doan, drums by Mercedes Lander and guitar by Tara McLeod. The group was formed in 1996 and has given many hit albums and singles. In less than decade the band has gained lot of popularity all over the world. Online Seats can provide with the tickets for the live concerts of Kittie for less price for premium seats.

Kittie came into being in the year of 1996 when Fallon Bowman and Mercedes Lander came to know each other in the gymnastics class of high school. There is an interesting story behind the naming of the band. Morgan Lander who is sister of Mercedes, tells the how they named the band "When we were thinking of names to call the band before our first show, we had decided that we wanted something completely contradictory to what the band and the sound of the band was. I think we chose Kittie because we wanted something totally unexpected, something that sounded weak and shitty, so that when you heard the band for the first time, it would be a total shock. I think there were a few other pussy sounding names...Like Swan or Swansong (which is what I remember really wanting to call the band)...But Kittie was chosen, and the rest is history."

In the year of 1999 the band gave a very successful album titled 'Spit'. The album was released on Artemis Records and immediately brought Kittie in the eye of public as a superb band. The album was a gold album with eleven tracks such as Get Off, Charlotte, Do You Think I'm a Whore?, Paperdoll, Brackish, Immortal, Spit, Jonny, Raven, Choke, Suck and Trippin. The album on the US Billboards charts came at 79t position.
The next album of the band was equally well received. The album was tittled 'Oracle' and was released on 30th October, 2001 once again on Artemis Records . The album was very well received by the people due to its superb eleven tracks which were No Name, Mouthful of Poison, What I Always Wanted, Run Like Hell, Oracle, In Winter, Pain, Severed, Pink Lemonade, Wolves and Safe. This album was too certified gold and on the US Billboard chart came at 57th position.
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The third album of Kittie was 'Until the End'. 'Until the End' was released on 27th June, 2004 on Artemis Records. This album which on the US billboards chart featured at 105th position proved to be the third consecutive gold album by Kittie. This album was too an eleven track album with songs like Into the Darkness, Pussy Sugar, Look So Pretty, Into the Darkness, Career Suicide, Red Flag, Daughters Down, Until the End, Burning Bridges, In Dreams and Loveless.

The band has also released two EPs. The first EP was 'Paperdoll' which came in 2000. there were six tracks on the EP Do You Think I'm a Whore?, Paperdoll, Brackish, Raven, Spit and Suck.
The other EP of Kittie was titled 'Safe' having seven tracks Severed, Safe, What I Always Wanted, No Name, Safe (Radio Edit), Pain and In Winter.

Kittie has been an outstanding band for the alternative metal which clear from their three gold albums and hit singles. For the tickets for the live shows of Kittie contact Online Seats.
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