King Tut Exhibit Tickets for Sale

The King Tut exhibition showcases the treasures of the pharaoh, the treasure and artifacts displayed are really breathtaking. The exhibition has causing a buzz among art lovers, it is an extensive exhibit and includes fifty major awe aspiring objects excavated from Tutankhamen's tomb. The exhibit area accommodate his royal diadem, his gold crown, and the gold and treasured stone inlaid canopic coffinettes which contain his mummified internal organs.

The exhibition of King Tut was last organized in a seven-city tour from 1976 to 1979, it set a traveling exhibition attendance record with an incredible eight million visitors. The exhibition also featured more than seventy other objects from other royal graves of the pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty (1555 B.C.-1305 B.C.).
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The long list of treasures include: pharaohs Thutmose lV and Amenhotep ll; and the intact tomb of Tuyu and Yuya, great-grandparents of Tutankhamen and his parents-in-law of Amenhotep III. Until the discovery of Tutankhamen's burial chamber in 1922, Tuyu and Yuya's tomb was the most celebrated historical discovery in the valley of the king.

All the treasures displayed in the exhibition are between 3,300 and 3,500 years old. This exhibition is one of the most eagerly awaited exhibitions of the year. It has already attracted stars like Romero Britto and wrestler-turned-action star "The Rock" Johnson. Come and watch this amazing exhibition, it will not only be a learning experience for you but your entire family. So hurry and get you tickets, contact your on-line ticket vendor at the earliest.