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Kidz Bop Kids is the face of the Kidz Bop LLC. Kidz Bop was founded by Cliff Chenfeld and Craig Balsam and the Kidz Bop Kids are the newest development for the franchise that takes hits on the charts and converts them into kid friendly songs for that audience that has grown beyond Sesame Street but is not quite ready for the MTV Video Awards. The Kidz Bop Kids produce albums and sell concert tickets for live shows so kids can see their favorite songs in person, just like their older siblings.

The Kidz Bop Kids are Harrison, Becca, Dana, Kyra, and Valerie. The five kids have made songs like Boom Boom Pow, Circus, and Fire Burning kid accessible. The group puts on a high energy show for those kids lucky enough to have Kidz Bop Kids tickets.

The Kidz Bop Kids tour dates will be announced soon as the company that has been producing hit songs for kids age 8-12 since 2001 makes inroads into the live performance arm of the music industry.
Sorry, no upcoming events found at this time.
The Kidz Bop Kids bios show that Harrison and Becca are from Colorado, Kara is from New York, and Dana and Valerie are from California. The group already has a few music videos and is excited to take their show on the road to their many fans across the country.

Get your Kidz Bop Kids tickets through OnlineSeats and enjoy a concert with live performers instead of puppets and acts that do not force you to cover your child's ears and eyes. Look at the tour schedule once it is posted, check out the inventory of seats, and look for the seating chart for the bigger venues and enjoy spending an evening of singing and dancing with your kids.
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