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A May 2012 issue of XXL Mag, a respected hip hop magazine, listed 10 artists who were worthy of being included in their Freshman Class. These performers are the next wave of Hip Hop superstars and Kid Ink is listed among these soon-to-be elite minds. His rise from a kid playing at being a producer just a couple years ago to co-founder of the Alumni Music Group and debut artist has been electric. In a mere two years Kid Ink tickets have become a reality. They have become a reality because the man has released his first full-length studio album, Up and Away.

Previously, he has released three mixtapes for his growing fan base to stream or watch on YouTube. Now he has released a critically acclaimed album to go with these critically beloved samples. XXL's Ralph Bristout has celebrated the album as proof that Kid Ink is more than an indie hip hop star garnering fame with largely unoriginal lyrics. His beats are still the most compelling aspect of his music, but his lyrics, while still a work in progress, gel with the map he has lain out on the control board. This is going to be just the first offering from a man ready to entertain millions and hang a multi-platinum album on the wall.

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Kid Ink's music is able to fuse tempered, yet driving beats with lyrics that provide the hooks needed to make him a YouTube, club, and critical sensation. The hip hop artist, born in 1986 in Los Angeles as Brian Todd Collins, started his career as so many others in his genre have. He took his talents to the control room and forged a relationship with respected MCs like Sean Kingston. Soon the man moved from behind the glass to the sound-proofed studio to put his own spin on the beats so many others had used. He, along with DJ ill Will and DJ Rockstar, formed the Alumni Music Group and Kid Ink released his first mixtape, Crash Landing.

Thousands of listeners were streaming his debut within a couple weeks of its releases. The music critics from valued critical hip hop sites anointed Kid Ink the next up and comer. Suddenly his website and his Facebook page were receiving thousands of hits and there were requests for him to make live appearances in North America and Europe.

He has perfected his studio game with songs like "Like a G" and mixtapes like Wheels Up. Now he has a full-length debut and Kid Ink is becoming as powerful and promising a force when performing live before thousands of fans. OnlineSeats has the Kid Ink tickets to be one of those fans lucky enough to see him before he breaks into the mainstream as a number one charting hip hop MC.

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