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Kelly Willis is a tremendously popular country music singer cum songwriter particularly popular for her clear, unadorned vocal style and also for her modellish beauty. Her music has been typically described as contemporary country and new traditionalist.

Kelly was born on October 1, 1968, in Lawton, Oklahoma, USA. She was the youngest of her parent's three children. Her father was a U.S. Army colonel, while her mother used to sing and act in amateur musicals as she had a strong interest in music. At the age of nine Willis began singing; this was her way of comforting herself as her parents had divorced just then and she was not at all happy. Subsequent to the divorce, Willis along with her siblings lived with her colonel dad and had to move around the country so as to accommodate her father's military job. Kelly spent her years of middle school in North Carolina and then went for her high schooling to Annandale, Virginia.

Kelly joined her very first band while in high school. Her boyfriend, and also a drummer Mas Palermo, initially introduced her to his rockabilly band. Eventually the band pursued her to become the lead vocalist and also re named the band "Kelly Willis & the Fireballs". After their high school graduation, the band thought of moving to Austin, Texas. They wanted to participate in the vibrant Austin music scene being held there. However after a few months in Austin, the band broke up. Willis married Palermo, in 1989, and then they formed a new band named Radio Ranch. While in Austin, Kelly attracted the notice of many of the influential Texas singer and songwriters like Nanci Griffith and Lyle Lovett. Then Griffith introduced a producer from MCA named Tony Brown to Kelly. He was very much impressed with Kelly's vocal skills and signed her for the MCA label in the year 1989.
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After recording her first album in year 1990 named Well Traveled Love, MCA records embarked upon a big marketing strategy to tout Willis as the next big thing. MCA ensured that Willis was constantly interviewed by some highly reputed national magazines like the Vogue and Mademoiselle. Kelly also featured in a small role in Tim Robbins' film Bob Roberts in the year 1992. However despite all the publicity and very well written reviews from most reviewers, "Well Traveled Love" and Kelly's subsequent albums with MCA (like Bang Bang in year 1991 and then Kelly Willis in 1993) sold very modestly and also managed very little radio play. Kelly felt scratchy with the way she was being marketed by MCA and thus in year 1994, MCA and Willis terminated their contract. After that she was not that much active due to her family life.

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