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Kelly Joe Phelps had always dreamt of becoming a singer and right now he is pursuing his dream and has already became a successful singer. He is an acoustic Bluesman who is fast taking up the Country Blues. He has created an interest among the younger crowds for the Folk music. It was in the 60's when many Country Blues players bought it to the forefront and it seems with Kelly, the tradition is again starting. Since his younger fans have never heard Folk and Country Blues in this fashion very much and it is attracting them like anything.

Kelly Joe Phelps grew in the middle of the western half of Washington state. The passion for music runs deep into his blood, since all his family members are musical. His father plays the piano, harmonica nad guitar, his mother plays guitar and fiddle and his older brother plays the guitar. Since he grew up with them and the musical accompaniment, it increased his passion for this art form. When he was in fifith grade, he joined the school band as a drummer and he continued to do so throughout his high school years. When Kelly was 13 years old, he was greatly influenced by Jimmy Page's guitar playing and he decided he would become guitarists. When his father came to know about his passion and interest he handed the guitar to Kelly and taught him a Lightnin' Hopkins riff and a couple of Hank Williams tunes.
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What makes him stand out in the crowd is unique way of playing the acoustic guitar. He plays the guitar in his lap with a slide bar while singing sining some low tune in hypnotical vocal pattern. It is very much captivating and has got a very distinctive form that is different from what the other players, Country Blues are playing. In earlier days Country plays was played with slide guitar both on the lap and the Bottleneck style, grasping the instrument in the traditional mode. While Kelly started the lap-playing style through much experimentation and found that he liked the sound very much as it reflected country sweetness.
In the early 90s, Kelly played in Portland, inspite of being his music in the developmental stages, he received favorable responses in his performance. He began writing songs so that it can meld with cover tunes which he was mastering of some of the great Country Blues legends. He developed his own sound and he incorporated his unique style.

It was in 1994, that kelly got his huge break, Terry Currier signed him in and Joe recorded his first significantr record "Lead Me On". Since they had a wonderful network, kelly became noticied. He received many favorable reviews inBlues publications. He started playing at festivals and gigs around the country. He has also been in Europe playing his music. In 1997, he sigend up with Rykodisc and released his second record 'Roll Away The Stone'. This albun won him praise both nationally and internationally. He toured extensively throughout Europe, Australia and Canada. He was invited to do shows on national radio, Prairie Home Companion in the states; the BBC in the UK as well as national broadcasts in Holland and Belgium. He also featured on the covers of both 'Acoustic Guitar' and 'Folk Roots' magazine. In 1999, he released his album 'Shine Eyed Mister Zen' on Rykodisc record. He then toured Japan, which was his first time. Under Rykodisc Records, he released another four albums Sky Like A Broken Clock, Beggar's Oil (EP), Slingshot Professionals, Tap The Red Cane Whirlwind in the year 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005. In the year 2006, he signed up with Rounder and released Tunesmith Retrofit.

Relatively, he is a young man and the way he is carrying on with the American musical heritage, it is sure he has a bright future ahead.

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