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Keith Sweat who come from Harlem in New York has been a very well known musician playing multiple roles of being a singer of R&B and Soul music, songwriter, and a record producer. He has also been contributing in a major way to New jack swing era. Sweat is credited for releasing various albums which have garnered lot of success and have consistently featured on the album charts. Watching the live concerts and shows of Keith Sweat will surely give you a delightful time and a great musical experience. You can avail tickets for his shows from Online Seats at easy and low rates.

Keith Sweat was born on 22nd July, 1961 as Keith Crier. Before becoming a recording artist he used to work in New York Mercantile Exchange's commodities market. He used to sing in number of night clubs of New York till his talent was discovered. It was in 1987 that Elektra Records offered him a recording contract.
In 1975 Kieth Sweat was inducted in the famous band of Harlem called "Jamilah" which also marked the beginning of his career. He became a proficient lead singer with the group and used to perform in number of states such as Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.
The first solo album of Sweat came out on 25th November, 1987. The album titled ' Make It Last Forever' was a mass hit seeing a sale of three million copies. A song from the album I Want Her proved out to be the biggest hit which on the R&B and Pop charts came at first and fifth position respectively. The other successful numbers on the charts were In the Rain, Something Just Ain't Right, Don't Stop Your Love, Right and A Wrong Way, How Deep Is Your Love, Tell Me It's Me You Want, and Make It Last Forever

The next album of Keith Sweat was also a success. The album was 'I'll Give All My Love To You' and on the Billboard 200 chart it was at sixth position. The tracks which made the album hit were I'll Give All My Love to You, Come Back, Just One of Them Thangs, Merry Go Round, I Knew That You Were Cheatin, Your Love, Pt. 2, Love to Love You, Make You Sweat and Your Love.
Sweat has also contributed towards the albums of other groups and artists and played an important role in making their work successful. One such group was Silk whose debut album titled 'Lose Control' was contributed by Sweat as well and became a hit. On Billboard 200 album chart the album was able to come at top position. Another R&B group Kut Klose of Atlanta was helped in their first album 'Surrender' by Sweat and became a successful album.
A R&B group called LSG was formed by Sweat with Johnny Gill and Gerald Levert. The first album of the group was ' Levert. Sweat.Gill' released in 1997 and had a very big hit number My Body.

As a producer Keith Sweat has produced tracks for many artists namely Dru Hill, Ol Skool, The Isley Brothers and many more.
He has also released many solo albums of his such as 'Keith Sweat' which came in 1996. the other notable albums by him have been ' Rebirth', ' Still in the Game', ' Keith Sweat Live', ' Didn't See Me Coming'.

Keith Sweat has contributed a lot to music and the making of many other musicians and groups. Watch this might hearted and great musician in his live shows through buying tickets from Online Seats.
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