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The three members of Keane grew up together in Sussex, England and formed the band in the late-1990s. With soaring melodies and choirboy falsettos, Keane's sound is often compared to such bands as Coldplay, Travis and Radiohead -- despite the fact that there's nary a guitar to be found in Keane's music. Making the most of very little, Keane's epic, cinematic sound brims with gut-wrenching melodies telling stories of heartbreak and romance. Their 2004 debut, Hopes and Fears, is particularly impressive.

Keane are a British rock band from Battle, East Sussex, England. Their musical style resembles those of post-Britpop bands like Coldplay and Travis. The main difference between Keane and most other bands is in the line-up. They don't have a guitarist, basing their music on the piano instead.
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All the members studied at Tonbridge School in Kent. They started out in college in 1997 as a covers band, playing songs by U2, Oasis, and The Beatles but soon wanted to perform their own material, and released two short-run EPs. Simon Williams of Fierce Panda Records was asked by a mutual friend to attend a Keane gig at the Betsey Trotwood in London and was so impressed that he offered to issue the band's next single. After another single on Fierce Panda, they signed to Island and released the single "Somewhere Only We Know", which reached number 3 in the UK in February 2004. Their album Hopes and Fears followed in May. It reached #1 and was the second biggest selling album of the year in the UK, after the Scissor Sisters.

The band take their moniker from the surname of a nurse who, when the members of the band were young, looked after them and inspired confidence in their musical ability.

The band won two awards at the 2005 Brit Awards - Best British album for Hopes and Fears and the British breakthrough act award, as voted by listeners of BBC Radio 1.
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