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In 2000, Kasey Chambers emerged as Australia's first successful country-to-rock crossover female singer. It was just the latest chapter in a unique 25-year life journey.
b. 4 June 1976, Mount Gambier, Australia. Country singer Chambers was born into a family of Seventh Day Adventists living in a small township in Australia. "My town wasn't even on the map, you could pass right through it in 20 seconds flat", sings Chambers about her upbringing in "Southern Kind Of Life'. While she and her brother Nash were still very young their parents, Bill and Diane, moved to the Nullabor Plains, and eventually took to traveling in a truck and hunting for a living. In the late 80s, they formed a family band, playing in the bars and clubs they encountered on their travels.
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The so-called Dead Ringer Band released Red Desert Sky on the Larrikin label in 1993. They built up a following and attracted good reviews for two subsequent releases on the Massive label, 1995's Home Fires and 1997"s Living In The Circle. They had big Australian hits with Kasey's own song, "Already Gone", and a chart-topping cover version of Maria McKee's "Am I The Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way?)'. In 1998 they released their final album, Hopeville, as Bill and Diane separated. Chambers' solo album, The Captain, dedicated to her boyfriend Captain Eddie, reaped numerous awards and sold 70,000 copies in Australia before being released worldwide to even further acclaim. Her father played guitar and Nash produced The Captain, and the trio traveled to the UK with additional musicians for dates in 2000. Chambers" second solo album, Barricades & Brickwalls, was an intense, thoughtful collection which received glowing reviews and broke the singer into the US market.
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