Kacey Musgraves Tickets for Sale

Kacey Musgraves is the country singer enjoying another chance to enjoy a career after finishing seventh in the now defunct Nashville Star five years ago. The former teenage contestant is now in her early 20s, and returns with a melancholy melody in her soul. She has embraced the pain of public failure and the chance her dream has escaped her at an early age. She has yet to launch a major tour with Kacey Musgraves tickets, but seems destined to escape the kind of life she laments in “Merry Go Round” as she joins performers like Little Big Town, Kenny Chesney, and the Zac Brown Band on trips around the country.

At this point, not much is known about the singer as she re-emerges. Kacey Musgraves only has a single song out and it arrives early in anticipation of a currently unknown album. This album has major label support from Mercury Records and touring support from the A-Listers mentioned above. This tour is a chance to show the country world a young songstress who is capable of singing about more than simply love lost, scorn, and everything in between.

The only other possible clue as to what the future has in store is the song “Undermine”. She and Trent Dabbs wrote the song for an episode of Nashville. What one can gather with these two songs is that Musgraves is a sad soul with an angelic voice with all the twangs and twitches of a true country musician.

The tours will be keeping the singer-songwriter busy for the next year. She will be able to fit a few solo dates on the schedule too, giving her chance to endear herself to those who will come out with Kacey Musgraves concert tickets to enjoy her in an intimate venue. Here she is sure to shine with nothing more a couple backing musicians and an acoustic guitar in her hands. This does not mean she is not up to playing huge venues.

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