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Justin Timberlake has been MIA from music for six years, taking the time to pursue other passions (most notably acting in romantic comedies). It appears the break is over as he is set to release a new album, 20/20 Experience, and has announced an accompanying tour, the Legends of Summer. Obviously, millions of fans are going to both download the new music and search out Justin Timberlake tickets for the new tour.

This return was not sudden. Rumors of a new album had been reported for the last couple of years. This kind of teasing only built anticipation for what would an amazing official announcement the night before the Super Bowl. That night he performed at a pre-SB concert, revealing his new single, “Suit and Tie”. The song, originally meant for Michael Jackson, was performed to perfection and has since taken over the radio, YouTube, and the re-launch of MySpace.

Fans will enjoy a show built around that incredible dancing and the signature falsetto from July to August in 2013, when Timberlake tours the US with Jay-Z from July to August in 2013. Pay attention, as more legs are expected to be announced soon.

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Justin Timberlake has been performing professionally since 1993. Then he was part of the boy band NSYNC. The experience endeared him to millions as he put his immense skill on display at an incredibly young and awkward age. No one can fault the singer for the seven years he sent selling millions of albums and concert tickets, as he was born to entertain.

No one can blame when he chose to break out on his own either. Timberlake’s presence was simply too great to be contained on the stage sharing time with four other performers. Justin officially became a solo artist in 2002 when he released the album Justified.

The multiplatinum effort won over both the public and the music industry. JT won two Grammy Awards for the album (one for Best Pop Vocal Album and another for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for “Cry Me a River”). Songs like “Rock Your Body” are still played on the radio more than a decade later (it also brings up images of the Super Bowl halftime show wardrobe malfunction during his duet with Janet Jackson).

Justin Timberlake decided to take some time off from the music industry following the album and the incident. He took on challenging roles as a dramatic actor and did a little voice over work. He returned to music with a new album, Future Sex/Love Sounds, in 2006. Again, the album went multiplatinum around the world. This Justin did his best to make a more adult presence felt and shed his boy band image, as one could tell from the song “SexyBack”.

Four more Grammy Award wins and a world tour later, Justin went on hiatus (again). This time he took on a few more comedic acting roles and added his vocals to a hilarious song “D**k in a Box”. On occasion he would make an appearance on others’ songs as a featured artist and show up for a concert. He would not return for an extended run until 2013, when he oozed cool in a “Suit and Tie”.


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