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From the Dominican Republic comes the great and a very well known singer and songwriter all over the world Juan Luis Guerra. He is known for making the bachata and merengue styles of music known to the world. He has Grammy Awards to his name with countless numbers of hit albums. Juan Luis Guerra is a very vibrant musician who performs a lot in lives shows. You can easily own tickets for the live concerts of Juan Luis Guerra from Online Seats at low price.

Juan Luis Guerra was born on on 7th June, 1957 in Santo Domingo and in United States Of America from the Berklee College of Music he studied arranging and composition. He then came back to Dominican Republic. The debut album of Juan was 'Soplando ' released in 1984. with some local artists he formed a guop which came to be known as Juan Luis Guerra y 440 who officially was referred Cuatro Cuarenta. The group released two albums like Mientras más lo pienso ... tú which came with eight tracks Me Enamoro De Ella, Guavaberry, Ay! Mujer, Amor De Conuco, Rock-A-Fiesta, No Me Acostumbro, Tu and Amigos.
The other album was ' Mudanza y Acarreo ' which was also a eight track album Requiem Sobre El Jaragua, Santiago En Choche, Por Eso Ahora, Yo Vivo Enamorado, Dame, Ella Dice, Elena and Si Tu Te Vas. Both the albums made the band famous in their country.

With their next album Juan Luis Guerra y 440 was known all over the world. Their song Ojalá que Llueva Caf was a great hit especially in the Latin America. In 1990 came the Grammy Award winning album titled 'Bachata Rosa ' with tracks like La Bilirrubina , Como Abeja Al Panal, Acompaneme Civil, Estrellitas Y Duendes , Burbujas De Amor, Reforestame, Rosalia, Carta De Amor, Bachata Rosa and A Pedir Su Mano. On the commercial front also the album was very successful sold five million records. Juan Luis Guerra then went on to tour to Latin America, United States of America and Europe.
The next successful album was 'Areito ' in 1992 which had twelve tracks Si Saliera Petroleo, Cuando Te Beso , Naboria/Daca Mayanimacana, El Costo De La Vida, Rompiendo Fuente, Coronita De Flores, Senales De Humo, Mal De Amor, Ayer, Cuando Te Beso and Frio Frio.
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' Ni es lo Mismo ni es Igual ' was another critically appreciated and Latin Grammy Award winning album released in 1998. The album was acclaimed for tracks like Testimonio, Mi PC , Amor De Conuco, La Hormiguita , El Niágara En Bicicleta , Vale La Pena, El Primo, Quisiera, Sobremesa , Palomita Blanca and Amapola.

In 2004 Juan Luis Guerra released 'Para Ti ' which turned out to be another successful and award wining album. With the songs like Gloria, Para Ti, Canción De Sanidad, Tan Sólo He Venido, Aleluya, Mi Padre Me Ama, Extiende Tu Mano, Los Dinteles, Soldado , Las Avispas and Eres. The single Las Avispas in categories of Tropical-Merengue and Gospel-Pop won two awards to him at the 2005 Billboards.

Juan Luis Guerra has recorded with other noted artists such as Diego Torres and Maná. He also will be soon recording in English.

Juan Luis Guerra  being a veteran has contributed a lot to music and continues with his excellent albums. With so many albums and a career sJuan Luis Guerra book tickets with Online Seats.
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