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Hear good rock and pop music in a very beautiful and melodious voice of the famous singer Josh Kelly. This singer and songwriter from Georgia has firmly established himself as one of the most noted musician. Kelly has sung great numbers like Everybody Wants You, The Pop Game, Only You, Amazing and Almost Honest. His concerts demonstrates the outstanding musicianship of Kelly. You can avail tickets for the live shows of Josh Kelly from Online Seats at less costs.

Born on 30th January, 1981 Josh Kelly had a Washburn guitar when he was just eleven years old. In his teens days he and his younger brother named Charles formed a group called Inside Blue. Since Kelly was a very outstanding musician with Inside Blues recorded a five song CD which led to the diversion of attention of a major record label. He got the chance of meeting James Brown sometimes. In Oxford he went to University of Mississippi. In the beginning Kelly wanted to be an art major.

Josh Kelly released his first albums named ' Changing Faces ' in 2001. Next year he was able to forge a recording deal with Hollywood. On 3rd June Kelly released another albums known as ' For The Ride Home '. ' For The Ride Home ' was released with thirteen tracks Pokerface, Old Time Memory, Follow You, Angeles and Faces, Everybody Wants You, Small Town Boy, I Saw You, Perfect 10, Amen, Home To Me, Amazing, and Travelin. The track in the album Amazing was able to receive the attention of every one.

Josh Kelly has been credited for performing at the esteemed Bonnaroo Music Festival in 2003. Kelly has toured with musicians such as Third Eye Blind, Counting Crows, and Toby Lightman. He later moved to Los Angeles from Georgia. In 2005 came his albums 'Almost Host' with twelve songs Love Is Breaking My Heart, Didn't Hear That from Me, Too Good to You,Walk Fast , Lover Come Up, Shameless Heart, Almost Honest,20 Miles to Georgia, Only You, I Don't Mind Singing, Lydia and Hard Times Happen.
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On 25th July, 2006 the latest album of Josh Kelly found its way to the fans. The album is entitled ' Just Say a Word' released in United States Of America on his record label Threshold. The album is comprised of twelve beautiful songs which showcases his genius musical talent. The tracks are Cain and Able, Bound to Keep Movin, Just Say the Word, Beautiful Goodbye,Mississippi River Girl,Opposite of Me, Fools Like Me, How the Story Goes, Lady of Mine, You Are a Part of Everything and The Pop Game . The Pop Game was the first song and was released with a cartoon video. Josh Kelly has also been seen on many shows of television such as Good Morning America, Cold Pizza of ESPN, Ellen.

What else to say about this outstanding and of the greatest pop and rock singer. Josh Kelly enjoys lot of popularity all over the United States of America. The albums of Kelly have been very well received by his countless fans. His fans also like to see Josh Kelly performing live for them. Online Seats can provide you wit the tickets for the live concerts and shows of Josh Kelly for front seats at low and affordable rates.
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