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Jose Luis Rodriguez is a very well known singer and actor from Venezuela. He is known for giving many successful albums and various international hits. Jose has also been a part of some telenovelas as well. He has given many hits such as ' Agárrense De Las Manos ', ' Dueño De Nada,' and ' Pavo Real'. Jose Luis Rodriguez has maintained a very large fan following through out the world. This has been the reason that why all the shows of Jose are sold out concerts. For watching the future live shows of Jose Luis Rodriguez you can buy premium tickets from Online Seats at the click of a mouse.

Born on 14th January, 1943 in Caracas the journey of Jose Luis Rodriguez in becoming an international star was not that easy. As he did not belong to a much well to do family during his early age he earned livelihood through shinning shoes, working in supermarkets. He was not able to gain good education also but today through handwork and determination has become a singer and an actor of international stature.

In Venezuela Jose Luis Rodriguez rose to fame in the late 1960s and 1970s. He soon formed a big fan base around himself. He and his family were also a part of a popular ad at that time. He then went to Puerto Rico and with Adamari Lopez and Johanna Rosaly took part in Cristina Bazan. It was here that he earned a nickname for himself El Puma. With Cuban actress Marylin Pupo he made Telenovela El ídolo and played the role of Omar Contreras.
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During this time Jose mainly earned money through singing and have many hits at this time. He released many albums in the 1980s. In 1989 the album titled '15 Grandes del Puma' was released with fifteen songs Culpable Soy Yo, Perdidos en Paris (Due Come Noi), Pareces Feliz, Si Ya No Te Acuerdas, Voy a Conquistarte, No Te Pareces a Nadie, Dueño de Nada, Agrarrense de Las Manos, Cara de Luna, Grandes del Puma, Toque de Locura, Hay Que Quererte Mucho, Te Conosco Desde Siempre, Te Propongo Separarnos, Yo Renaceré, Amalia Rosa and No Te Pareces a Nadie.
Same year another successful album titled 'Dueno de Nada' was released with ten tracks Un Toque De Locura, Querida, Te Conozco Desde Siempre, Te Propongo Separarnos, Dueno De Nada, Pajarillo, Hay Muchas Cosas Que Me Gustan De Ti, Si A Veces Hablo De Ti, Hay Que Quererte Mucho, and Volvamos A Casa.

The more successful and acclaimed albums of Jose Luis Rodriguez released over the years have been ' Mejor de Jose Luis Rodriguez', 'Inolvidable, Vol. 3 ', 'Tengo Derecho a Ser Feliz ', '20 Grandes Exitos', '20 Grandes Exitos', 'Senora Bonita ' including more such hit albums that have jeweled the career of Jose for so long.
Among his more recent albums have been 'Inolvidable, Vol. 3', 'Serie de Autores, Vol. 3: P. Herrero y J.L. Arment', 'Mis 30 Mejores'.

In 2006 Jose received more success with his album titled 'Canciones de Amor' with fourteen tracks ¿Amar O Morir?, Amar y el Querer, Voy a Perder La Cabeza por Tu Amor, Voy a Conquistarte, Vale La Pena Volver, ¿Qué Se Siente?, Culpable Soy Yo, Y Volveré (Emporte Moi), Por Si Volvieras, Sueño Contigo, Dueño de Nada, Silencio, De Punta a Punta and Toque de Locura.

Jose Luis Rodriguez has been an outstanding musician all through his career. His albums speaks for his talent and success. Online Seats sells tickets for live concerts of Jose at less rates.
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