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Jorma Kaukonen is one of the real legends of American rock. He started his career as an acoustic finger picker. He got his first taste of the main stream when he became a member of the San Francisco rock band, The Jefferson Airplane. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 as a founding member of the band. Jorma has released more than two dozen albums and has been a part of a number of ensembles. Jorma's most recent CD, "Blue Country Heart," demonstrates his love for bluegrass, country and old-time blues songs. Jorma also wants to give something back to society. He has combined his passion with his lifelong interest in teaching, this combination has resulted in Fur Peace Ranch, a successful guitar camp founded by Jorma and Vanessa Kaukonen in southeast Ohio.

Jorma Kaukonen was born in Washington, D.C. And he spent most of his childhood there. It is here that he discovered his love for the guitar. He shifted to the San Francisco Bay Area in the early '60s, here he often played as backup to singer Janis Joplin in local San Francisco clubs. It was in 1965 after Kaukonen founded the rock group Jefferson Airplane, that he really got fame. The band was a huge hit and its popularity soared in 1967. Though Kaukonen did not contribute as much in the vocal department of the band his distinctive guitar-playing was the core of the band's music.
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With bassist and friend Jack Casady, Kaukonen formed a spin off duo in 1970 called Hot Tuna. This became his main act after Jefferson Airplane split in 1973. Hot Tuna released a few albums in which Kaukonen displayed his vocal skills. He the started to work as a solo artist with groups like Vital Parts in 1980, and some occasional albums with other groups. Kaukonen reunited with Casady in Hot Tuna during the 1980s, and they both were present in the 1989 reunion of Jefferson Airplane. A Hot Tuna reunion album appeared in 1990.

His live performances throughout the world continue to draw enthusiastic crowds of both electric and acoustic music fans. Come and be a part of his concerts. You can experience his raw acoustic rhythms and relive the rock and roll years of the 70's and 80's. Contact your on-line ticket vendor and get the tickets as soon as possible.


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