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After a stint in the US he returned to the UK, where he started The Babys. We couldn't get arrested,' Waite laughs. 'We were living a dream, writing songs in a basement, living off bottles of brown ale and cheese sandwiches at the corner pub-Tooley Street, just below the Thames. We were gonna make it big no matter what. They had a succession of inadequate guitar players until the day 'this guy called Wally (Stocker)' showed up, Waite explains. Six months later they were signed to Chrysalis. After two years of struggling and sheer dedication, the dream was actually coming true. The Babys first hit, 'If You've Got the Time,' launched Waite's career in England and America.

With his career stalled, Waite formed the super-group Bad English with former Babys Jonathan Cain and Ricky Phillips (bass), ex-Journey guitarist Neal Schon, and drummer Deen Castronovo. The group's eponymous debut, released in 1989 on Epic Records, became a platinum success after the power ballad 'When I See You Smile' became a number one hit. 'Price of Love' was a Top 10 hit in the wake of 'When I See You Smile,' but their 1991 follow-up Backlash suffered from one. Bad English broke up shortly after the album's release. Waite resumed his solo career in 1995, releasing Temple Bar on Imago.
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Jan 19 Fri 7:45 PM John Waite Blk Live
Scottsdale, AZ
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Jan 20 Sat 8:00 PM John Waite Chrome Club - Santa Fe Station Casino
Las Vegas, NV
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Feb 22 Thu 7:30 PM John Waite ACL Live At 3TEN
Austin, TX
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If one were asked to sum up the life and music of John Waite in one word, that word would have to be ?romantic.? There's a fairy tale quality to his story that, like most good fairy tales, contains a good deal of darkness and conflict to go along with the princesses and epic sojourns. From his early days through cold, dark winters in Northern England, to the night lights of New York City, to the tours that have taken his bands to the far corners of the world and back, Waite has lived like a modern troubadour. His songs describe a restless spirit in search of deeper meaning, true love, and the poetry in the landscape--whether it be rural England or the human heart.

Waite grew up in Lancaster, 70 miles north of Liverpool, in the midst of one of the greatest revolutions mankind has ever witnessed-the birth of rock and roll. Bass guitar was his first instrument and Jimi Hendrix records were early teachers. He started his first band, a jazz rock trio called England, out of art school.
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