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John Valby was born in Rochester, New York in 1945. He is popular musician and and comedian. Valby is well known because of his hilarious performances in barrooms and college campuses all over the eastern coast. He is a sight to see with his classic white tuxedo and black hat and his old fashioned piano. His appeal lies in his ability to create comedic parodies of classic songs.

He has been nicknamed "Dr. Dirty" because of the content on his songs. They focus on subjects like sex, racial slurs, with a blend of current and historic events or personalities. He leaves no stone unturned to ensure that his audience get their money's worth. He targets everyone from Hispanics to Irishmen, Polish to blacks, Arabs to rednecks, Republican and Democrats, no person and no group can escape from his wit and his piano.
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Jan 26 Fri 7:30 PM John Valby The Chance Theater - NY
Poughkeepsie, NY
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Mar 3 Sat 8:00 PM John Valby Turning Stone Resort & Casino - Show Room
Verona, NY
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Mar 10 Sat 7:00 PM John Valby Hu Ke Lau
Chicopee, MA
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Some of Valby most popular songs are Ya, Ya, Ya, Roll Your Leg Over and Barnacle Bill. Valby currently resides outside Buffalo, NY with his wife and five children. He claims that he has served in the Army and wasn't sent to Vietnam because his superior officer liked him.

Apart from his comedy act, Valby has also recorded and produced pop and rock albums for other artists and himself. Catch this fantastic comedian and his hilarious act. Contact your on-line ticket vendor and get your tickets...don't miss out..hurry!!


Valby Rocks - 2005
Greatest T*** - 2002
American Troubadour - 2002
Herniated Jingle Balls - 2001
Dr. Dirty's Sphincter Unplugged - 2001
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