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Now everyone loves listening to John McCutcheon, but there was a time when the neighbors used to request his parents to stop the loud yelling of John. At that time he used to learn both baseball and piano, but he didn't which one he wants to adopt to start his career, because he was mediocre pianist but an all star catcher. Then, one day he received a cheap mail-order guitar and a used book of chords. It was his beginning. He religiously started learning music. He started performing contry churches and square dance halls. His music has the essence of community and his roots to his native land. The result is music that is both traditional ad originals. He created a storytelling style through his music, that can be compared to Will Rogers and Garrison Keilor. He has emerged as one of the most beloved as well as respected folksingers. Apart from writing songs, he is also an accomplised instrumentalists. He is an expert at a dozen of differnet traditional instruments, the most notable being the rarest and the most beautiful hammer dulcimer. He is highly acclaimed by critics and singer from around the world for his songwriting skills. All in all, he has till date done an astonishing twenty-four recordings, that have earned fame as well as awards. He has been nominated five times for Grammy Awards.

Meanwhile he has also produced around twenty albums of other artists from contemporarysingers as well songwriters to traditional fiddlers and also produced works of educational matter as well as documentary works. The materials as well as the books that he has produced introduces a kind of joy to the budding players of their own musicality. Apart from being an accomplished songwriter as well as producer, he is also commited to those organisations that are politically active and works for the important issues that plagues the community. He has performed in major concert halls as well as theatres. He also perorms at elementary school auditorium, festival stage or at a farm rally. He also launched the first ever joint tour of Russian and an American folksinger in 1991, US-USSR Friendship Tour, that played houses in both countries
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He has been headliner in five different festivals in Australia, Nicaragua-children's literacy program, also performed in the first children's concert on the Nashville Network, performed in the concert at the AFL/CIO Covention, authored a second songbook and a children's book, score four videos, talked about songwriting with children on National Public Radio's All Things Considered and produced three recordings that will benefit a community organizing group.

John feels most at home when he is performing live. His music has brought into the lives and homes of one of the broadest audiences, the kind of folk music that any one has enjoyed before. When John starts his performance, people from all age groups sway with him in the concert hall. Crtics describe him as "little feats of magic", "like a conversation with an illuminating old friend" and "breathtaking in their ease and grace...". While performing he emanates a kind of charm, wit and versatility that few musicians are able to do, and his this attribute reflects in print, on record as well as on stage.

Some of Jon McCutcheon numbers are: How Can I Keep From Singing?, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Barefoot Boy With Boots On, Fine Times At Our House, Howjadoo, Winter Solstice, Signs of the Times, Gonna Rise Again , Mail Myself to You, Water From Another Time, What It's Like, Live at Wolf Trap, Family Garden, Between the Eclipse, Summersongs, Wintersongs, Nothing to Lose, Sprout Wings and Fly, Bigger Than Yourself, Doing Our Job, Autumnsongs, Springsongs, Storied Ground, Supper's on the Table, The Greatest Story Never Told, Hail to the Chief, Stand Up! ...Broadsides for Our Time, Welcome the Traveler Home: The Winfield Songs, and Mightier Than the Sword.