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John Gorka, a leading voice in the New Folk Movement, is visiting your city for a show, book your tickets. He is famous for his rich and expressive baritone. After his first album "I Know" in 1987 was released, Rolling Stone magazine dubbed him as "the voice of 'new folk'."

Born in Newark, New Jersey, US, in July 1958, Gorka had developed his interest for music when he was in school. He received his first guitar as a Christmas gift. But he eventually learned to play the banjo and started performing in a folk music group at the church.

Gorka attended Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. During that time while attending the college in early 1980s, he began his career in music appearing at a local coffeehouse before forming his own group, the Razzy Dazzy Spasm Band.

Soon after that he hit the road and performed up and down the Eastern Seaboard before settling in Texas and winning the prestigious New Folk Award of Kerrville Folk Festival in 1984. Since then he has toured with several artists like Shawn Colvin, Michael Manring, Suzanne Vega, Christine Lavin, Cliff Eberhardt, Dave Van Ronk, Frank Christian, David Massengill and Lucy Kaplansky.

Gorka received national attention through his folk festivals and songwriting competitions. He developed a combination of a warm performing style, baritone voice and lyrical wordcraft in songs sometimes with a sense of humor and often addressing unexpected subjects.
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Mar 30 Fri 8:01 PM John Gorka The Queen - Wilmington
Wilmington, DE
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In 1987, Gorka released his debut album, "I Know", for the Red House label. The album received acclaim for his songs' subtle wit and character observations. After his debut, Gorka was signed a deal with Windham Hill Records and its High Street subsidiary and thus enjoyed major label distribution.

After moving to Windham Hill, he released "Land of the Bottom Line" in 1990, followed two years later by "Jack's Crows". Gorka got significant airplay from country outlets with his single and video "When She Kisses Me," with the release of his album "Temporary Road" in 1993.

For his 1994's Out of the Valley, Gorka traveled to Nashville to team up with producer John Jennings. Carpenter Kathy Mattea, guitarist Leo Kottke and Fairport Convention drummer Dave Mattacks were invited for the album.

"Between Five and Seven" followed in 1996. Between Five and Seven revolves around a loose series of characters, most of them misfits. There is a touch of humor along with a sense of poignancy elsewhere in the songs.

Two years later he released his "After Yesterday". The album has some memorable songs with superb wordcraft and his relaxed style make the songs outstanding. "Company You Keep", which was released in early 2001, featured guests Carpenter, Patty Larkin and Lucy Kaplansky.

"Old Futures Gone" was released in 2003. It was followed by "Writing in the Margins" in 2006. In the latest album, he has given matured style to songs which reflect his relaxed style of singing. The songs are rich in crafty words and phrases with a touch of humor. Overall, it entertains.
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Writing in the Margins - 2006
Old Futures Gone - 2003
The Company You Keep - 2001
After Yesterday - 1998
Between Five & Seven -1996
Out of the Valley - 1994
Temporary Road - 1992
Jack's Crows - 1991
Land of the Bottom Line - 1990
I Know - 1987
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