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Joe Walsh's first hit single was in this album titled ‘Rocky Mountain Way'. Managing to reach the #23 on the US top 40, it is still considered a regular feature in classic radio hits.

He released two other albums over the next three years called So What and a live set, You Can't Argue with a Sick Mind. After this, he was called in to join ‘The Eagles' in 1976 as a replacement lead guitarist for Bernie Leadon.

The country music band slowly changed to a more rock oriented band with his addition.

The band failed to live up to the reputation that hits like ‘Hotel California' had made for The Eagles, so Walsh moved back to his solo career and released some well appreciated work like ‘There goes the neighbourhood' and ‘But seriously folks'.

After Eagles continuous failures, the band broke up in 1982.

Walsh went on to release a few solo albums all through 1980's, none of which were well received. A regular face on the American television scene, he was more than a musician. He was a regular on the Drew Carey show and Mad TV.

Always a hit among the fans due to his energetic persona he has entertained the masses for over three decades belting numerous rock classics and still continues to come up with more.

‘The Eagles' reunited in 1994 for a highly successful tour and live album titled "Hell freezes over". The album made the #1on billboard charts and the Eagles exile of more than a decade came to a much awaited end. The tours continue to this day and a new album is in the offing.

In 2004, Walsh performed live before a huge crowd at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas, Texas. He donated an autographed guitar to the ARRL for its charity auction.

  • The James Gang

    • Yer' Album (November 1969)

    • James Gang Rides Again (October 1970)

    • Thirds (July 1971)

    • James Gang Live in Concert (December 1971)

  • Eagles

    • Hotel California (December 1976)

    • The Long Run (September 1979)

    • Eagles Live (November 1980)

    • Hell Freezes Over (November 1994)

    • The Long Road To Eden (expected 2007)

  • Barnstorm (September 1972)

  • The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get (June 1973)

  • So What (December 1974)

  • You Can't Argue with a Sick Mind (October 1976)

  • But Seriously Folks (August 1978)

  • There Goes the Neighborhood (March 1981)

  • You Bought It, You Name It (May 1983)

  • The Confessor (1985)

  • Got Any Gum? (October 1987)

  • MTV Unplugged (February 1990)

  • Ordinary Average Guy (January 1991)

  • Songs for a Dying Planet (May 1992)

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Born in Wichita, Kansas, Joe Walsh is perhaps best known as the lead guitarist for ‘The Eagles'. He took to music at a fairly young age.

After his father died in an air crash, Joe's family was constantly on the move due to his foster father's work. Finally settled in NYC he started playing for various bands during college.

His first big break came when he took the position of the lead guitarist for the ‘James Gang'. Still famous for his powerful guitar licks, he soon took center stage in the band. His innovative and creative rhythm style was popular with the relatively minor band's fans. The band got a few moderate hits but Walsh was meant for bigger things.

Though critically acclaimed he tasted real fame and success with his second solo album ‘The smoker you drink, the player you get' in the following year, after parting with The James Gang.
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