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Some people call him the original Frank Sinatra but the comparison is an unfair one because after you hear him live, you will understand that Sinatra tends to pale a bit in comparison to this singer. The best way is to come and hear him and decide for yourself and what better way to do that then to get yourself tickets to see the great Jimmy Roselli live in concert.

They say that of you look deep enough into the shadow of Frank Sinatra you will hear the mellow tones of Roselli, still going strong today. To have to live in Sinatra's shadow when Sinatra was alive is hard enough. To continue to live in his shadow even after his death is something even harder to do. Comparisons of course were inevitable- both hailed from Hoboken and both shared an Italian American heritage. Both of them also shared the same kind of sparkle- even today, Roselli's easy charm and his rich voice have a way of winning the audience.

Roselli came up the hard way, starting out his singing career as a way of earning some extra income while he also washed dishes, shined shoes and worked as an errand boy. His big break came when Jimmy Durante discovered him and got him a slot on his show. Things just went up from there. Soon Roselli had a recording contract and he was one of the most sought after musicians of that time. He floored Carnegie Hall in record breaking performances and wowed them at the Copa, time and again.
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So where exactly did things go wrong? Quite simply put, Sinatra. After a disagreement between Sinatra and Roselli, the former called in his Mafia buddies to help put Roselli in a tight spot. Soon Roselli found himself being badgered for kick-backs and being threatened. Roselli refused to give in and his records began disappearing from jukeboxes. Radios stopped playing his songs. A life-long feud with Sinatra ensued and it would seem that Sinatra may have come out the better.

Not quite. Roselli is still wowing audiences today and has been recognized as being one of the most important singers of our time, especially with regard to English and Italian classics. In spite of the Mafia intimidation, Roselli is still around, he's still making music and he's still knocking them dead wherever he goes. Furthermore, his life story has come out in a book which is now in the planning stages for a movie, with none other than John Travolta being slated to play the lead.

Come see this great singer for yourself- get to your online ticket vendor now and order your tickets to see Jimmy Roselli live in concert.
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