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Come get your tickets to see one of the original bad boys from Saturday Night Live, a true funny man in the flesh- come get your tickets to see Jimmy Fallon live on stage. Not only does this young man exude wit from every single one of his pores but he is also well known for his high degree of sex appeal. The combination is a deadly one and the full effect of Fallon can only be appreciated if you see him performing live.

So what is it about this goofy guy that makes him so irresistible? The truth of the matter is that he has become somewhat infamous for the number of goofs that he did while on Saturday Night Live. His name immediately conjures up hilarious memories of him cracking up right in the middle of a sketch- he also is notorious for reading cue cards in a very blatant manner and mugging for the camera. So what is it that makes him tick? Why is he so famous and sought after today?

Fallon doesn't have anything remarkable to say about his childhood- he grew up in New York along with his sister Gloria, went to school, high school and almost finished majoring in computer science before dropping out when he was just fifteen credits short of getting his degree. He rose to fame with Saturday Night Live, staring out as a side actor and slowly but surely rising to one of the real shining stars of the cast. Fallon was one of the rare Saturday Night Live cast members to be remembered for his sex appeal as well as his wit. He left the show of his own choice and has since made himself a fabulous career on the big screen.
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As part of the Saturday Night Live cast, Fallon became best known for his numerous celebrity impressions and his song parodies. His impressions covered an incredibly wide range of big and small screen celebrities and public personalities including Jamie Oliver, Jerry Seinfeld, Ralph Nader, Mick Jagger, Ryan Seacrest, Larry King, Robin Williams, Howard Stern, Carson Daly, Keanu Reaves and Steven Seagal just to name a few.

Since then Fallon has appeared on the big screen in a number of movies including Taxi, Fever Pitch, Anything Else and Almost Famous. He has gained the most popularity with the sketches he has done while hosting the MTV Music Awards. He did a sketch with Kirsten Dunst called Sex and the Matrix in 2001 and in 2002 he performed an opening number that parodied stars like Eminem, Nelly, The White Stripes and Avril Lavigne.

Come watch this natural wit make the audience rock with laughter- get to your online ticket vendor today and order your tickets to see Jimmy Fallon live on stage.
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