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Come get your tickets to see a comedian and actor who has successfully climbed out of the shadow of his brother and made a solid name for himself as a unique comedian and actor. Come get your tickets to see funny man Jim Belushi live on stage. Belushi's name has more often than not been associated with his more famous brother, the late and great John Belushi who was one of the most respected comedians of our times. Jim has since managed to establish himself as a successful comedian and actor in his own right and gained a solid fan following across the country.

Belushi was born in Chicago and to this day maintains a strong loyalty for the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears. He is the son of Albanian immigrants and the brother of the late John Belushi who was not only an extremely talented comedian but also a very troubled young man who came to an early and tragic end. Jim seemed to be following in the footsteps of John when the former also began to work with the theater group Second City. Rumor has it that John explicitly stated that Jim was not to use any of John's old material and this may have been for the best. Trying to carve a niche for himself when everyone was already comparing him to John was not an easy situation for Jim. But despite these setbacks he was able to make an impression on his own and on the merit of his work.
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Jul 29 Sat 8:00 PM Jim Belushi Resorts Atlantic City - Superstar Theater
Atlantic City, NJ
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Sep 23 Sat 7:00 PM Jim Belushi Ho Chunk Casino - Baraboo
Baraboo, WI
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From 1983 to 1985 Belushi got a great break by becoming part of the cast of Saturday Night Live. It was here that he was able to hone his skills as a comic actor and he exemplified himself in such roles as Hank Rippy, That White Guy and Man on the Street Jesse Donnelley. His celebrity impersonation list was also quite impressive and included stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Willie Nelson, Rosemary Clooney, Babe Ruth, Joan Collins, Pope John Paul II, Hulk Hogan and Captain Kangaroo.

After making a favorable impression with a few side roles in movies, Belushi began getting lead role offers and was soon starring in movies like K-9, Taking Care of Business, Mr. Destiny, Curly Sue, Race the Sun and Retroactive. He has also lent his voice for the production of The Mighty Ducks and Hey Arnold. Belushi can currently be seen on the small screen on the sitcom According to Jim, a show that has a wide and very stable viewer base.

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