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Jessica Danielle Andrews was born on December 29, 1983 at Huntingdon, Tennessee. Jessica is an American country music superstar. Jessica Andrews was born to parents Jessie Andrews and Vicki Andrews. Andrews got into singing at a very early stage of life, i.e. When she was in the 4th grade, at that time she sang Dolly Parton's song "I Will Always Love You" while competing in a talent show. Later Andrews got a deal with the reputed DreamWorks Records, Nashville and started to work for her first album to be released in the year 1999, by the name of Heart Shaped World.

While she was working on her debut album Heart Shaped World, Andrews was invited to sing a song for The Prince of Egypt, a big movie of the times. In her own words she was overjoyed when the movie team asked her to sing a song for their movie. The movie was incredible and the song was a huge hit, before she even had her first album out. The song in the prince of Egypt that Andrews sang was also the first single in her debut album heart shaped world. This hugely popular song was called ‘I will be there for you'.

In the year 2000 she won her first major award, the Academy of Country Music's award for top new female vocalist. Equipped with powerhouse vocals and a variety of songs ranging from the emotional "Unbreakable Heart" to the modern tragic love tale "James Dean in Tennessee," Jessica Andrews has done her friends and family proud, proving their song sessions with young Jessica were time well spent. While her life is like an open book what most of her fans do not know about Jessica Andrews is that Andrews was faced with a calamitous illness at the age of seven. It was a bone development from her spine which could have proved fatal. But she was operated upon in time successfully.
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Andrew's later albums were "Who I Am" in the year 2001, in year 2003 was the album named "Now". She is currently working on her fifth album to be released in year 2006 sometime, by the name of "Ain't That Life".

Andrews has taken advice of many people and continued with her studies through home only. To maintain a hectic lifestyle with the continuance of studies Andrews courtesy of her mother has been involved in home schooling since early days.She has one elder sister named Kellie. Jessica has been dating a fellow country singer cum songwriter known as Marcel since the month of January 2002. Book your tickets now, because you won't be willing to miss this show for anything. Online booking available now.
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