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Remember when the tunes of Alice in Chains ruled the grunge world and the unique sound of Jerry Cantrell ripped though your speakers like a tornado? Well now's your chance to relive the power of Jerry Cantrell's vibe and sound with tickets to see the man himself live in concert. As with the other members of Alice in Chains, he certainly hasn't been idle since the band fell apart and now is the perfect time to catch this fabulous guitarist and songwriter performing as a solo artist.

Cantrell is probably best known for his work with Alice in Chains. The band itself was a monumental force on the heavy metal and grunge scenes and they have gone on to influence a number of subsequent heavy metal, hard rock and underground bands. Truly the band may have been an important force to reckon with and a behemoth on the music scene if it hadn't been for lead vocalist Layne Stalye's drug problem that ultimately led to the dissolution of the band.

Even in the days of Alice in Chains, Cantrell distinguished himself for his unique and odd time signatures as well as his distinctive brand of harmony that he lent to the vocals. Cantrell now does his own singing as a solo artist and coupled with his killer guitar antics you can imagine what kind of a one-man powerhouse Cantrell is today.

Life after Alice in Chains has been a busy one for Cantrell. Apart from his solo career he was worked on a number of collaborative efforts with numerous other musicians. He has even collaborated with former Alice in Chains members Phil Anselmo, Maynard James Keenan and William DuVall. Though Cantrell seems committed to his solo career he has also stated that it was good to get back into the band vibe.
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Cantrell's first solo effort was called Boggy Depot and he was helped out by former Alice in Chains members as well as Les Claypool from the band Primus. The birth of this particular album is indeed interesting as Cantrell admits to locking himself away for a number of months, ordering food out, rarely even stopping to take a shower. He just kept writing and the result is a truly stellar album.

Cantrell's following albums featured help from members of the band Faith No More and the album is dedicated to Staley who passed away. Cantrell's music has also appeared in a number of movies, such as Spiderman, The Cable Guy and is forthcoming in The Punisher.

Come hear Cantrell make his guitar sing on stage- get to your online ticket vendor now and order your tickets to see Jerry Cantrell live in concert.


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