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Do you have a hankering for some good Indie music? Then you need to grab your friends and get your tickets to see Jenny Lewis live in concert. Former child actress, hip-hop fan and current diva of the Indie music scene, Lewis has made a tremendous contribution to the music scene till date and has been invited by numerous musicians for collaborative efforts. Her talent and sound has to be seen and heard live to be believed and now's your chance to get tickets to see her in concert.

Jenny Lewis started out her career not as a musician but as an actor. As a child actor Lewis made her debut on the small screen on an ad for Jell-O. More successful projects followed as Lewis was cast in a number of movies and in television shows like Growing Pains, The Golden Girls, Baywatch, Mr. Belvedere and Roseanne. Her big screen credits include movies like Foxfire, Pleasantville and The Wizard.

In 2001, Lewis decided to take a break from her acting gig and focus on her music. With the help of a few close friends, she formed the group Rilo Kiley and the band went through a number of changes before they were able to hone their current sound. Initially the group pursued a more country kind of feel but that morphed into a downbeat Indie sound that they have maintained ever since. The band also made an important change in giving over the lead vocals completely to Lewis.
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This proved to be a sound decision as their subsequent releases met with remarkable success- their 2004 album in particular ‘More Adventurous' put the band on the map. The following year, they were able to sign a deal with Warner Brothers and were chosen to open for Coldplay when the band toured the US in 2005.

Lewis began embarking on a solo career while still remaining a part of Rilo Kiley and she also collaborated with a number of other artists. These include The Postal Service, Cursive and The Good Life. Her solo effort also included performances by members from Maroon 5, Death Cab for a Cutie and Bright Eyes. The Watson Twins played accompaniment and also toured with Lewis to promote the album.
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