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She's hot, she's everywhere and she's completely un-definable but you haven't heard the best thing to lately come out of England until you've heard Jem performing live. And now's your chance to get your tickets to see Jem live in concert- if you're into pop, hip hop, rock, or everything mixed together, then Jem is the singer for you.

Jem was born near Cardiff in 1975 and began writing and singing her music when she was thirteen. Though her heart was singing for a career in music, she was also keen on pursuing a degree in law and it was the latter that ultimately won out in the end. She headed out to Sussex University and studied law but on the side she was also working as a DJ agent. She found out that she was spending less and less time in the classroom and more time focusing on her music.

In spite of her frequent absences from class, Jem managed to get her degree before she decided that she was going to pursue her music full time. She set up her own mobile studio and began to hone her singing and music as well as her production skills. The result of this productive period was four demos which would prove to be the foundation of her future music career.

Jem got her big break when one of her demos was played on an LA radio station and became one of the most requested numbers. Jem made such an impression that she soon found herself with a record deal with Dave Mathew's ATO label. Her music soon started to hit the airwaves and began making a big noise on the music circuit.
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Jem's music can also be heard on a number of primetime TV shows like Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, The O.C, Six Feet Under and Wonderfalls. As of this year, she has been at work writing material for her new album. One defining characteristic of Jem's music is that it cannot fall into any one category. Just when you think it is trip hop, pure and simple she will wow you with a rock ballad and then when you are quite sure that she's electronica she will throw something acoustic your way. This is in perfect keeping with the wide and varied influences that have shaped Jem's sound- influences that range from Stevie Wonder to classical music to soundtrack songs. Jem's unique and rich singing voice has also been compared to musicians like Beth Orten but Jem herself does not like comparisons.

So make a date with Jem and get ready to be wowed by her superb music and singing- get to your online ticket vendor now and order your tickets to see Jem in concert.


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